You Look and Feel Your Best From Tolley, 50

Tolley came to our office wanting to refresh her overall look. Because of her lifestyle and only minor concerns, Dr. Youssef recommended several treatment options that were extremely conservative. One of her concerns was her breasts. After two kids, they needed more volume, but she wanted them to be natural and comfortable. It was recommended to do a lift with fat transfer (no implants). Though Tolley has a size 2 petite frame, she still had some stubborn problem areas on her hips and thighs; no matter how many hours of exercise she did, the fat wouldn’t budge. Since the fat transfer to the breasts requires liposuction, this was the perfect opportunity to get those stubborn hips and thighs.

Breast - BeforeBreast - After   Lipo - Before   Lipo - After
   Eye Lift - Before Eye Lift - After
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