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Aging is an inevitable fact of life, and one of its many perils is loss of volume in the face. There are many options we now have to restore the youthful appearance in our faces, making us look as good as we feel. Dermal fillers are an easy, but temporary fix to the volume loss caused by aging. There are many dermal filler options to choose from, one of which is Perlane®.

Discuss Perlane® with Dr. Mark Youssef in Los Angeles. To schedule a free consultation or get more information, call (310) 434-0044.

What's YOUnique about Perlane®?

Perlane® is dermal filler that belongs to the Restylane® family. Perlane® is composed of hyaluronic acid, which is also naturally found in your body. The difference between Perlane® and Restylane® is the size of the particle and the depth of injection. The Perlane® particles are larger than Restylane®, which makes them more suitable to inject deeper into the skin. Perlane® is used at Dr. Youssef's Los Angeles practice to add volume and fullness to the skin and to correct moderate to severe lines and wrinkles in such areas as the nasolabial folds, lips, corners of the mouth, and cheeks.

What's YOUnique about Perlane®?

Perlane® is a non-invasive procedure that is done in-office and requires little to no downtime. The procedure takes about 30 to 45 minutes to perform, and results from this treatment last between six to 12 months. Patients may experience redness, swelling, pain, and bruising at the injection site, all of which should subside within a few days.

To prepare for your Perlane® treatment, you should stop taking Aspirin, Motrin, Ibuprofen, or any NSAIDS (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) at least one to two weeks prior due to increased chances of bleeding and bruising. It's also recommended for patients to begin taking Arnica and/or Bromelain a few days before the treatment to decrease bruising and swelling.

Patients interested in such dermal fillers as Perlane® should consult with Dr. Youssef to see if this particular product is right for achieving desired results. Dr. Youssef will give you his expert opinion and advise you in a proper treatment plan to best fulfill your needs. As with any cosmetic procedure, Perlane® injections come with risks, and should always be discussed with a qualified physician.

Dr. Youssef will discuss Perlane® for Los Angeles clients and answer questions. Contact us online or call (310) 434-0044.
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Mark Youssef, MD

Mark Youssef, M.D.

"Some doctors feel that cosmetic surgery is just a job; I'm not one of them. I take pride in my work as a surgical art."

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