Last Updated on September 21st, 2018

If you want to augment your butt, you have to meet certain qualifications so you get the best post-surgery results. A Brazilian butt lift serves two purposes. First, it enables your cosmetic surgeon to suction excess body fat from other areas of your body, which will make you look slimmer. Next, he re-injects the body fat into your buttocks.

What Liposuction Does
Liposuction removes unwanted fat deposits from some areas of your body, such as your stomach, thighs, flanks and “love handles.” Once the surgeon has suctioned out as much excess fat as he needs to help give your body new contours, he purifies some of the fat.

Next, he re-injects some of this purified body fat into your buttocks, helping to enlarge and give them a more rounded, alluring shape.

Unlike butt implant surgery, your surgeon will be able to adjust the procedure to meet your needs – i.e., do you want just a subtle change to your appearance or a more dramatic change?

Best Candidates Have Sufficient Body Fat
If you are a slim, petite woman, once your surgeon looks at you, he will have to assess your dimensions and measurements. He may tell you that you don’t have enough body fat to be removed from other areas of your body to have satisfactory results. Because your surgeon has to suction fat from more than one area of your body, he needs to get about 5 pounds of fat so he can re-inject 1 to 2 pounds into your buttocks.

Buttock Implants can also be used to augment the buttocks and are a popular method for having this procedure done. This requires a single surgery and guarantees more predictable results.