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Dear Dr. Youssef & Staff,

Just a Quick note to let you know I made it home on 6/13, rested 6/14, and went to work 6/15. My face is doing the peeling as expected but not a lot is peeling on the forehead yet. Please, Please, have in my records EXACTLY how you did my lips because they are “JUST” what I wanted and I am ever so happy with them. They are subtle and you gave them just the boost I was wanting. There was no swelling or pain afterwards with my lips which is also very amazing. It may be once a year for me to do this again when I want it but I wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Youssef and please thank your entire staff for the expert care and red carpet treatment. All of you are special and caring!

– GK

Dear Dr. Mark,

I enjoy using the facial products you recommended. I feel and see a wonderful improvement in my skin. I also want to thank you for your generosity. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. Thanks so much,

– A. A.

Dr. Mark,

Thank you so much for taking such good care of me during my tummy tuck surgery, you have changed me dramatically! I haven’t felt or looked this good in years and it has made me so happy. You are truly a gifted surgeon and such a kind doctor; I would never trust anyone else but you! Thank you again!

– S. M.

Dr. Mark & Staff.

Thank you so much for helping me look 10 years younger!

– S. F.

I’m in my mid thirties and I’m getting married in August. A friend of mine recommended Younique medical spa to me, so I made an appointment for a complimentary consultation. The staff was so friendly and knowledgeable; they made me feel so comfortable! I got Botox and a chemical peel to give my skin a little pick me up. I love the result from the BOTOX, it has made my forehead so smooth and given my eyebrows the most beautiful arch and the chemical peel has given my face such a wonderful glow! I had some reservations about getting BOTOX, but Dr. Mark did such a wonderful job, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to do my BOTOX! I highly recommend this spa for all of my Beauty needs!!

I am a high maintenance woman who is not a fan of pain. I had Botox one time before and it did not go so well. I wanted to try again and I came across this place, which is right by my house. Jamie was a sweetheart and calmed me down a bit and shared— “the Dr. is very good with the needle.” AND HE IS. The difference from my previous experience was huge. The Doctor is very professional and highly skilled. I could not believe when it was over the pain was minimal and he is SO NICE. Most importantly it is 10 days later and let me tell you – I LOOK GOOD! I will be back!

I’m 40 something and have had Botox and IPL done a few times, not a lot, but a few times, and it is so refreshing to me at how pleasant Dr. Mark can make the whole experience. He recently did IPL on my chest and arms, and I feel like I have just had a 20 year old’s chest and arms attached to my body. The difference is truly amazing. I can go sleeveless now and not be embarrassed by the years of sun damage to my arms anymore. And I love all of the new skin care that he offers to take care of my “new body.” Growing older gracefully doesn’t have to mean looking haggard. Thank you so much for offering such great service and products.

I went to Dr. Mark for laser hair removal and it was a very positive experience. His laser machine was almost painless compared to other lasers I’ve experienced. I highly recommend him. Great location too.

Dr. Mark is the best! I’ve been to many places to get Botox and he is hands down the go-to doctor. Not only are his injections painless but it lasts the longest too. I highly recommend him for anything to look and feel better. All my friends are hooked!

Doctor Mark made my lips so gorgeous! They were the perfect shape for my face and they turned out exactly the way I wanted! I will never go to anyone else. He was very nice and understanding. He also made the procedure very comfortable. I have already recommended him to my friends.

I never write reviews but I just had to write this one! I am 41, I think I look great, but I was beginning to look a little tired, especially around my eyes, so I decided to try Botox, I wanted to make I sure I didn’t get a “frozen look,” I went to Younique Medical Spa, and I am overjoyed with the results! I literally look 15 years younger! The Botox treatment Dr. Mark gave me, not only relaxed the lines that were beginning to give me that tired look, but actually gave me a slight brow lift too! A thousand thank you’s to Younique Medical Spa, and the wonderful Dr. Mark Youssef!

Dr. Mark made me feel so welcomed … and I felt like he wasn’t just out to rip me off by charging me ridiculous rates for some Botox and a facial. Let’s face it people, everyone could use a little Botox these days! I would definitely recommend Younique Med Spa for anyone who is looking to feel better about themselves!

Dr. Mark is truly a caring professional. I had the best experience with him and will continue with him for all my needs!

I cannot say enough great things about this spa. I had a pumpkin peel and the results were amazing. The staff was so friendly and helpful. Dr. Mark went above and beyond his duties. The price was just right. I am definitely going back. Check them out, you will not be sorry! Five stars!!!!

Dear Dr. Mark (My favorite Doctor),

Thank You! For making the launch of my show a true success. Without your help, support and generosity that night would not be the same. It’s because of you so many guests left feeling they got something (LOL). PS. I LOVE MY LIPS! YOU ARE TRULY “THE LIP DOCTOR!”

– JB

Dr. Mark & YOUnique Staff,

Thank you so much for helping me to look 10 years younger! And PS the boys are looking at me again!

– SF

Dr. Mark,

I Just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate all that you do for me. You are such a kind person with an awesome heart who always wants to help people feel their best! Thank YOU! I wish you much prosperity in all that you do!

~ Ally

Dr. Mark & YOUnique Staff,

Thanks for everything this past Year! I really enjoy my time at YOUnique Medical Spa. See you in 2008!

~ Steph

Dr. Mark,

I love MY BOTOX. You did such a great job and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate the time you take to make me perfect!

~ LG

Dear Dr. Youssef,

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful time. Can’t wait to see you and the staff again! Your Friend,

Michael Kelly

Dear Dr. Youssef,

Just a friendly little note to say thank you for all of your help while treating me during my ordeal from the other Doctor. As you know this has been one of the most painful and difficult challenges I’ve had to go through! I want you to know how thankful I am that I found you to help treat me through this difficult time. You and your staff are very kind and compassionate people. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart!

~ YB

Dear Dr. Mark,

Thank Goodness I don’t look like a sumo wrestler anymore! Thank you so much for doing a great job on me, you have changed my life DRAMATICALLY! I don’t recognize myself (that is in a GOOD way). Just buying a few new outfits and looking so much younger has made me so happy. I haven’t looked or felt like this for over 17 years! Everyone I know can’t believe how I look. It’s worth all the pain and time to heal. You are truly a gifted surgeon and a kind man. Stay true to yourself you are a success!!! I would NEVER Trust anyone but YOU!

~ SM

Dr. Mark,

Thank you so much for taking care of me. It meant the world to me. You are an AMAZING doctor, and person! I’m so grateful to have found the best Doctor who I trust completely!

– LJ

Dr Mark,

Thank you very much for making me look and feel so much younger! I’m so thrilled! Loved meeting you too!

~ Jen

Thank you for Everything!

~ SH

Dr. Mark,

Merry Christmas to all and I will be there in the New Year! God Bless!

~ T

Dear Dr. Youssef & Staff,

I just wanted to send you a little note to say how much I appreciate all that you guys do for me! The IPL was fantastic and I love the results! I love all the products you all suggested and can’t wait to see you all soon! Thanks again.

~ CR

Dr. Youssef,

This is a long overdue thank you from when I saw you in December 2007. You really went out of your way to make sure I was as comfortable as possible. From the hotel room, to the extended stay, to the meals, thank you so much. I truly appreciate everything you did for me. Sincerely.


Dr. Youssef,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. What Results!!! Jennifer was right, you are THE BEST! I appreciate the wonderful B-day Discount your staff gave me. Looking forward to seeing your practice grow, You are a very special man and will be very successful! My Very Best!

~ VG

Dear Dr. Youssef,

I enjoy using the facial products you recommended. I feel and see a wonderful improvement in my skin. I also want to thank you for your generosity. I sincerely appreciate your kindness. I will call your office to schedule an appointment for myself and my friend for a facial. Thanks Again!

~ SA

Hi Dr. Youssef & Staff,

Thanks a lot, both for the treatment last week and the sweet letter! I’m very happy about the results of my treatment, and product samples will be back very soon to get some of the wonderful skin care. Best,


Dear Dr. Youssef and staff,

Thank you so much for taking time to understand what I was looking for in a cosmetic treatment. I wanted my improvements to be subtle and you really accomplished that perfectly. My closest friends have been saying “you look beautiful” but have never noticed that I’ve had work done. Great job! All the best,


Marina del Rey

Dear Dr. Youssef,

I am writing to tell you how incredibly happy I am with the outcome of my surgery. All my life I have struggled with my weight, and have had issues with how I looked. Recently, I had tried a last ditch diet effort and lost around 35 pounds. I came to you to see if there was anything that you could do for the skin on my abdomen that hung over, much like an apron. Not only was this skin not attractive, but it hung over my Cesarean scar causing the scar to constantly be inflamed and infected. It was uncomfortable as well as made me feel very ugly. You took one look at my situation and suggested a combination of a Tummy Tuck with liposuction, telling me that that entire flap of skin would be gone. I was also relieved to find out that I did not have to go under general anesthesia, and the surgery would be performed right in the surgical suite of your office. One thing that always will stick out in my mind before the surgery is how much time you spent with me going over the procedure and making sure that I did not have any questions. In fact during my pre-op visits it was you who sat there and looked at me and told me I must have more questions. I never felt rushed or intimidated and I definitely felt as if I was in the best hands possible. I will say honestly that I really don’t remember much about my surgery day, and that is a good thing! I do recall that everyone there was nice and caring, and you as well as your staff went out of your way to make sure that I was comfortable. During the first week of my recovery, you and your staff were amazing. You took the time out to call me, and no matter how many times I called the office, everyone at Younique was caring and understanding. They have been well trained to understand the needs of a surgical patient. I never felt bad calling, and that is so important. Now as for the results I remember when you told me that the flap of skin was going to be gone, I was just going to be happy if I did not have a problem with my scar anymore and my body was more contoured. However, you outdid yourself! Not only is the flap of skin COMPLETELY gone, I have a FLAT STOMACH! For the first time in my entire life, my stomach is absolutely and completely flat. The rolls of fat that were under my breasts, on my abdomen and my hips are completely gone. It is the most amazing feeling in the world, and as I write this, I find myself tearing up. My results are not even final yet, and I have already gone from a size 14 to a 6. It is honestly incredible. For the first time ever I can wear form fitting shirts and pants and not have to worry about hiding my unsightly rolls, and my husband says I don’t even look like his wife. Not only that, I am so much happier. Feeling good about yourself makes a huge difference in your outlook on life. Dr. Youssef, you are truly an artist. You have sculpted my body into something that for the first time in my life I can be proud of. You more than delivered what you promised, and you and your staff were amazing to me. From the bottom of my heart and my now flat stomach, I want to thank you. All my best.

Kim Preston

Surgery—Tummy Tuck/Liposuction

Date—Nov. 1, 2007