Stem Cell Facelift in Los Angeles


Your Own Stem Cells Can Revitalize Your Face

There seems to be some confusion between traditional fat transfer and a stem cell facelift. Though there are similarities between the two, such as volumizing the face, the processes and end results of a facelift involving fat transfer vs. stem cells at Los Angeles' YOUnique Cosmetic Surgery are very different. A traditional fat transfer involves harvesting the fat from one area of the body (such as love handles) and transferring it to another area (such as the face or buttocks). This only volumizes the area where the fat is placed.

A procedure using stem cells consists of separating harvested fat into two groups. One group is processed to yield activated stem cells by rupturing the fat cells, then concentrating and activating the only cells that remain: stem cells. This activated group is added back into the intact group to enrich the fat cells so that the final graft has a higher rate of survivability and the new activated stem cells can create new tissue in the face that a regular procedure could not. A typical fat transfer only gives volume from fat. Because of the activated stem cells, you get new skin growth, new fat cell formation, and volumization in addition to the existing fat in the transfer. The stem cells can also create new elasticity and collagen fibers, new tendon fibers, and new blood vessels to give a more youthful look.

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