Am I a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift in Los Angeles?

The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift have enough extra fat to harvest for the procedure—but aren’t more than 30 pounds over their ideal weight. Patients must be in good general health and must be 18 years or older. Patients who are quite thin or who have a low fat supply may be better candidates for butt implants.

Is liposuction only done on the belly/abdomen?
Liposuction can be performed in nearly any place fatty deposits exist. This includes your:

  • Chin
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Upper arms
  • Back
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Lower legs
  • Other areas as needed.

Modern liposuction is surprisingly versatile, and many Younique patients opt to treat several areas at once. For example, a patient may have liposuction on the hips and the thighs at the same time.