What’s the difference between the newer Jeuveau wrinkle treatment and Botox?

Both Botox and Jeuveau include a form of the botulinum toxin type A component to help give your skin a smoother, healthier, more youthful look.

Botox was authorized for cosmetic usage for the first time in 2002. The muscle relaxing abilities of neurotoxins had already been put to use since the 1970s, treating crossed eyes, eyelid spasms, cerebral palsy, and numerous other muscle spasm maladies and issues, including excessive sweating and migraines.

Several different forms of botulinum toxin A products, notably Jeuveau, have been created since the product’s introduction to the market. Because Jeuveau has been on the market for a shorter period, the FDA has only authorized it to treat glabellar lines and crow’s feet at this time.

For processing, Jeuveau adds extra refinements (“Hi-Pure” technology) and doesn’t include other protein additives. It also uses a different strain of botulinum-A.