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    Approximately 18 million plastic surgeries are performed annually in the United States. Many plastic surgeries are relatively safe and can improve our look and feel without spending hours in a clinic. Paranasal surgeries are one of those options with quick results and recovery time.

    Paranasal augmentation is a surgical procedure that uses implants to combat sunken cheeks, jutting noses, and protruding lips. It mostly targets the midfacial region, helps round out features, and prevents a gaunt appearance.

    The surgery is quick, permanent, and has minimal side effects. Luckily, we have put together a complete paranasal augmentation guide, so keep reading on for more information!

    Paranasal Augmentation Procedure

    An augmentation procedure can be broken down into three parts:

    • Consultation
    • Procedure
    • Recovery

    Luckily, at Younique, we provide an in-depth consultation with one of our Board-Certified plastic surgeons. Next, the procedure should take less than an hour (more on that below). Lastly, our plastic surgeon will discuss the exact steps to take post-surgery and get the most out of recovery. 

    Paranasal augmentation is different than cheek fillers since it uses similar materials used in cheek implants. A surgeon will create a small incision and then neatly suture the area after placing the implant. The results are more permanent than cheek fillers, which only last six months to two years. 

    Paranasal Augmentation Risks and Side Effects

    There are risks and side effects for any plastic surgery, especially when anesthesia and invasive techniques are used. Some common side effects are:

    • Infection
    • Swelling
    • Bruising
    • Pain
    • Bleeding
    • Blood clot
    • Scarring

    Many mild side effects will disappear after a few days. Blood clots, scarring, and infections are more severe but extremely low risk. The best way of preventing serious complications is by picking a trusted plastic surgeon. 

    Paranasal Augmentation Recovery Time

    Paranasal augmentation surgery is similar to cheekbone implants as they can both lead to fuller midface features. At Younique, we use an outpatient procedure that can take between 30 to 45 minutes. Patients may have some swelling for a few days, but most can start returning to normal life and work after a week and a half!

    Paranasal Augmentation Results

    Midface concavity is the ultimate goal with paranasal surgery. It gives a fuller facial appearance in the cheekbone area and can reduce the appearance of a jutting nose or lips. Cheekbone implant surgery is similar, and both require small incisions and insertion of implants for more rounded features.

    Paranasal FAQs

    Paranasal augmentation is not a widely used procedure. Searching the internet for results may leave us feeling shorthanded. For that reason – we have put together some FAQs to help us all feel a bit more comfortable with this procedure. 

    What Is Paranasal Augmentation? 

    Paranasal augmentation is a type of facial implant or enhancing surgery. If we search ‘paranasal,’ we will likely come up with many results leading us to anatomy pages about the paranasal sinuses. 

    The vast space that paranasal sinuses take up is not necessarily what a plastic surgeon targets. Instead, there are a few main regions, including the spaces between our noses, cheeks, and bottom of our eye sockets. We can think of this region as the ‘midface,’ and most people opt for an enhanced or fuller look to offset sunken or gaunt features. 

    How Painful Is Paranasal Augmentation Surgery?

    With any invasive plastic surgeries, there will be some pain following the procedure. Let’s look at rhinoplasty surgery, which is another common type of plastic surgery we can use in conjunction with paranasal augmentation. 

    Most patients start feeling back to normal two days post-surgery. Prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication may be used initially. Still, we can also look at other ways to manage pain, such as a cold compress and avoiding heavy exercise or activity. 

    After ten days, people can start returning to work after this procedure. Paranasal augmentation is a slightly different type of plastic surgery, but it should give us similar ideas on how long we may experience bruising or discomfort. Talk to our trusted plastic surgeon beforehand for a better idea and comfort with the procedure. 

    How Much Does Paranasal Augmentation Cost?

    Invasive and surgical procedures will cost more than non-invasive techniques, so be prepared to have a higher bill. The costs can be broken down into:

    • Surgical fees (e.g., cost of a surgeon, assistants, nurses)
    • Surgical or outpatient room
    • Anesthesiologist (if needed)
    • Operating fees
    • Post-surgical care (e.g., prescription medication, compresses)

    Unfortunately, that final number can widely vary, and it is important that scheduling a consultation with our surgeon comes first. Insurance often won’t pay for cosmetic procedures, and patients will have to front the cost, which can quickly increase to thousands of dollars.

    Don’t choose a clinic that offers cheaper surgical rates over another clinic’s credibility, skill, and outcomes. Most clinics will have payment plan options. 

    Who Is an Ideal Candidate for Paranasal Augmentation Surgery? 

    One of the best paranasal augmentation tips is the ideal candidate should choose the procedure for themselves. Feeling better is the ultimate goal of any plastic surgery performed at Younique Surgery Center and Medical Spa. Some people find themselves drawn to paranasal augmentation if they have a sunken midface.

    These features are more common in the Eastern Asian population but can be used with anyone who feels they need fuller, more youthful facial features. 

    Find A Paranasal Plastic Surgeon Today

    At Younique, we pride ourselves in various facial, body, and breast surgical procedures and non-invasive techniques. Paranasal augmentation is a unique procedure that requires an experienced plastic surgeon and a wide skill set. 

    Paranasal augmentation can help bring back that youthful, fuller appearance without constantly going into the clinic for fillers. What are you waiting for? Check out our website today and schedule a quote with one of our trusted and experienced plastic surgeons!

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    Dr. Youssef and the Younique staff are amazing. Clean office, professional staff and even better results. Younique did a great job with my Los Angeles Paranasal Augmentation Procedure and I could not be happier. Highly recommended.


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