Lip Blush Treatment Santa Monica

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    Lip Blushing in Santa Monica

    Using lipstick to change the color of the lips is a practice that has been done for hundreds of years. Although it can provide an excellent look, the results are only temporal and fade away after removing the product from your lips.

    However, it is now possible to achieve a semi-permanent result and change your lips color for longer periods with the help of Lip Blushing.

    Enhance the Color of Your Lips

    Make an appointment with our specialists if you want to improve your lips color while still looking natural.

    We can help you choose the best color according to your skin tone and facial features. Moreover, our specialists are trained to modify the lip shape using special shading techniques to enhance the appearance even further.

    What is lip blushing?

    Lip blushing is a modern technique that consists of enhancing the lip’s appearance through a semi-permanent tattoo.

    The goal of the procedure is to use ink to dye the lips. However, the color selected is usually a natural and pleasant-looking tone. This way, it is possible to achieve a discrete result while obtaining a positive impact on the person’s appearance.

    Although it is a type of tattoo, lip blushing is not done using a conventional tattooing machine but a specialized tool. This device has a small blade that makes imperceptible and tiny cuts on the lips to deposit the ink. However, the ink is deposited only at a superficial level. This makes the tattoo semi-permanent, as the color eventually fades away.

    The certified makeup and lip tattoo artist not only can change the lips’ color but also their shape. Additionally, our specialists are trained to deposit the ink in a way that creates an optical illusion. Therefore, making them look fuller and with more volume.

    How is it done?

    Lip blushing is a simple procedure. However, it must be done by trained professionals to achieve the best outcome.

    First, you tell us about your goal and the color you want for your lips. Our cosmetic lip artist can help you decide while explaining which options would look better on you. Usually, the colors available range from soft blush pink to bold red.

    Furthermore, at this point, you get to decide and explain the appearance you want for your lips, such as making them look bigger, more defined, etc.

    Once all the details are ready, our artist begins tattooing your lips. This process can take a couple of hours, as the specialist makes sure not to miss any spot. Furthermore, both the lips and lip line can be tattooed if necessary to create the desired effect.

    Once the lip-blushing session is over, you can go back home and resume your daily activities.

    How much is it?

    Since lip blushing is semi-permanent, it can take more than one session to achieve the desired look.

    The initial session includes consultation and lip blushing and costs $650.

    It is recommended to perform a perfecting session 2 months after the initial session. This extra session costs $100 and is done to improve the results further.

    Lastly, the artist evaluates the color of the tattoo and retouches any area that might need an adjustment or deeper tone. After this perfecting session, you can relax and enjoy your new lips for up to 2 years before needing a new retouch.

    Lip Blush Recovery?

    Due to the nature of the procedure and its target area, you might experience little discomfort. However, it is mild and disappears after a few days.

    Nonetheless, it is usual to experience swelling during the first 24 – 48h after the session. Afterward, the swelling disappears but the skin begins to peel and itch. It is vital not to scratch or pull off the peeling skin, as it can interfere with healing, causing scarring and uneven tones. This process usually lasts around a week.

    Additionally, we highly recommend you avoid direct sunlight exposure on the area to prevent skin damage during the healing process. Furthermore, performing activities that cause sweating should be avoided to maintain the lips dry as they heal.

    Lastly, hot and spicy food and drinks must be avoided to prevent damaging the lips. Consuming these meals can burn your lips and affect the tattoo.

    Most times, the lips are completely healed after two weeks.

    It is essential to know that the lips turn darker than intended after the session. This is entirely normal and part of the process. The dark coloration starts fading after the procedure and the real color shows in a few days.

    Does it hurt?

    No. Lip blushing is usually completely painless. However, it is still possible to experience discomfort to a certain degree depending on your pain tolerance.

    To prevent any issues, the artist applies a numbing cream on the lips before beginning the procedure. Furthermore, you can take acetaminophen before the procedure to decrease the chances of feeling discomfort.

    On the contrary, other over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen are not recommended as they can increase the chance of bleeding and cause bruising after the procedure.

    What results can you expect?

    Once the treatment is completed, patients can enjoy lips with an enhanced natural tone. The results provided look natural but improve the overall aesthetic of the lips.

    Furthermore, the shape of the lips is also enhanced, making them look more defined and bigger if wanted.

    Your lips will always have an aesthetically pleasing look, even without any makeup on.

    The results achieved can last up to 2 years in perfect shape before the color begins to fade. Afterward, you might want to appoint a touch-up session to improve the color once again.

    Who is a good candidate?

    People with any type of skin are usually good candidates for lip blushing.

    Nonetheless, it is vital to take proper aftercare to ensure a good result. However, due to the color of the ink and the lips, some people might need up to 3 neutralization sessions to achieve the desired tone.

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