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What Is Photodynamic Therapy?

Photodynamic therapy, or PDT, is the process of photosensitizing agents of the skin, and exposing the skin to the right light wavelengths. PDT treats various skin conditions.

Santa Monica Photodynamic Therapy

Younique Cosmetic Surgery Center & Medical Spa is one of Los Angeles’s most trusted PDT therapy providers. Our staff and expert practitioner, Dr. Mark Youssef has successfully performed over 15,000 non-surgical solutions. Be sure to schedule a consultation using the form below, if you’d like to get started with your photodynamic therapy in Santa Monica.

If you’re still wondering what photodynamic therapy treats, please read below as we summarize the therapy solutions we offer at Younique.

Photodynamic Therapy for Acne

PDT for acne is commonly performed for those patients whose oral or topical acne medications do not seem to clear their skin. Acne is America’s largest skin concern, with over 40 million Americans suffering from Ance every day. It may be tough initially to find the right treatment plan for many stubborn forms of Acne, however, once a patient does find the right treatment to clear their skin, it often makes the world of a difference.

Photodynamic therapy in Santa Monica is one of the most effective treatments for patients suffering from acne. PDT works by activating a topical photosensitive solution through certain light wavelengths. This in turn kills acne-causing bacteria of the skin and prevents future breakouts by providing less of a growth environment for bacteria. Once a patient finally finds the right treatment for their acne, patients commonly report an increase in self-confidence and an overall better feeling of their general appearance.

Get started today by booking your consultation for Photodynamic therapy for ance Santa Monica.

PDT for Sun Spots & Wrinkles

Photodynamic therapy can be used on one’s hands and face to eliminate age spots, sun spots and wrinkles. View our photodynamic therapy before and after photo’s below or watch our patient testimonial.

Case 5842 - PDT Gallery (Before & After) Case 992 - PDT Laser Gallery (Before & After)

Watch a Real PDT Patient Testimonial

PDT for Actinic Keratosis

Actinic keratoses, or AK, are pre-cancerous lesion on the skin often formed from UV ray damaged skin. AK is more common amongst fair-skinned people who experience a large amount of sun exposure throughout their lives.

AK appears as thick, scaly or crusty patehs on the skin. If you believe you may have developed any one of these growths, please call (310) 434-0044 immediately or begin by filling out a form below, as there is a chance it could become cancerous.  If left untreated, AK could have a 20% chance of turning into squamous cell carcinoma, one type of skin cancer. People with bald heads, and particlary, bald men are especially susceptible to actinic keratoses.

PDT is considered an effective treatment for actinic keratosis, with a 14% higher chance of complete clearance of AKs after 3 months as compared to cryotherapy. PDT also generally results in a better cosmetic outcome than other treatments for the skin condition. It is necessary to be evaluated in-person to see if you are a good candidate for photodynamic therapy for AK.


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