Beverly Hills Rhinoplasty: Enhancing Your Ethnic Traits

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In Beverly Hills and the surrounding area, rhinoplasty and other plastic surgeries have become a normal part of maintaining an attractive appearance. While nose jobs and other facial augmentations are incredibly popular, recipients in Los Angeles want to keep a natural look even after their surgeries. In turn, ethnic rhinoplasty is quickly becoming an important cultural shift in the cosmetic surgery community.

Los Angeles and Beverly Hills is filled with vibrant people from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities. With a diversity of people comes a diversity of facial features. Until recently, undergoing rhinoplasty meant the nose received a more Caucasian profile and shape, even if the recipient was not of a Caucasian background. “Westernizing” the noses of those who are not Caucasian created fake-looking faces. Now, however, people are embracing their unique ethnic traits by selecting rhinoplasty methods that maintain the natural bridge and shape of their nose and merely streamline their appearance.

There are five main categories of ethnic rhinoplasty, representing different racial groups. The first is African American rhinoplasty, in which surgeons slightly narrow the nasal bridge and use cartilage to increase the profile. The second category is Hispanic rhinoplasty, which typically includes defining the tip and tapering and smoothing the nose and nostrils. Asian rhinoplasty, the third major category, typically includes adding volume to the nose with cartilage to make it more distinct.

The fourth category is Middle Eastern rhinoplasty. In this procedure, the surgeon will usually lift the tip of the nose and decrease its overall size. And lastly, Caucasian rhinoplasty focuses on shaving down bumps on the nasal bridge and bringing symmetry to the tip and nostrils.

Ethnic rhinoplasty caters to the unique and individual features of each patient and can be an incredibly nuanced procedure. Prospective recipients should select a surgeon that has ample experience in ethnic rhinoplasty. Dr. Mark Youssef of YOUnique Cosmetic Surgery works in Los Angeles, one of the most diverse places in the world. Dr. Youssef has performed surgeries on patients of many ethnicities and races, and is skilled in making his patients’ features compliment the rest of their appearance.

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