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    A big part of transitioning from one gender to another is looking the part.

    The goal of any gender-affirming surgery is to help a transgendered person the body that reflects their gender. Many procedures can help people achieve this. They range from surgeries involving the chest, the genitalia, or the face. 

    You might be surprised to know that there are facial feminization surgeries that can help you look and feel more feminine. 

    Keep reading to learn more about facial feminization and what procedures might be right for you!

    What Is Facial Feminization Surgery?

    Facial feminization surgery, or FFS, involves cosmetic surgery that changes the features of your face to look more feminine. Men have structurally different faces and this type of facial surgery can help achieve a less masculine look. 

    The procedure is a broad term for a variety of procedures that create a more feminine face. A surgeon can perform one or more of these procedures that involve reshaping bone, tissue, and cartilage of the face. 

    Facial feminization is meant to soften facial features, as men tend to give more sharply defined faces. Men also have more square-shaped faces whereas women typically have oval-shaped faces. 

    The procedures can include reshaping the nose, jawline, chin, hairline, and browline. 

    Why Facial Feminization Surgery Is Performed?

    Facial surgery can be an important step for those who are on a transition journey and wish to have a more feminine face. 

    There are several reasons for facial feminization surgery. Those who are interested in the procedures might be: 

    • Are transitioning from a man to a woman
    • Have gender dysphoria accompanied by psychological distress 
    • Are cis-gendered and wants a more feminine face 

    Your reasons for choosing facial feminization are personal to you. A trusted surgeon will discuss your options with you to create a treatment plan that is suitable for you. 

    What Are Facial Feminization Procedures? 

    Several procedures can help you look and feel more feminine. Many transgender patients opt for more than one procedure at a time to maximize results and recovery time. 

    Lowering the Hairline

    Hairline lowering involves bringing down the tissue of the scalp. The procedure also involves rounding the hairline to give it a more feminine shape. It can be done in conjunction with brow-specific procedures such as lifts and reductions.  

    Forehead Contouring

    In some men, the bone above the eyebrows can be more pronounced than in women. Part of facial feminization surgery is contouring the forehead by shaving it down or removing part of the bone. This allows the surgeon to reshape it and to give it a flush and smooth appearance. 

    Feminization Rhinoplasty

    In contrast to male noses, female noses typically are smaller, slightly concave, and more upturned on the tip. Feminization rhinoplasty can help you achieve a  more feminine look with subtle changes to your nose. 

    It can help smoothen and straighten the bridge of the nose, and as well as make it more symmetrical on your face. Additionally, the key to a natural-looking rhinoplasty is a shape that suits the rest of your facial features. A skilled surgeon will be able to help you achieve this look.

    Chin and Jaw Reduction 

    V-line jaw reduction is a procedure that helps give you a more heart-shaped or oval face. 

    Men tend to have more angular faces, with more structure in their jawlines. Feminine chins and jawlines are generally smaller and less angular. Additionally, the female jaw usually tapers down into a “v” shape near the chin. 

    This will involve contouring the jaw and bone removal. 

    This procedure will look different on every patient to match the proportions of the rest of the face. Often, procedures on the chin and jaw are performed a the same time to maximize results. 

    Facial Volumization

    Facial volumization involves adding fillers to certain parts of the face. This method is less invasive to give you a fuller-looking face. This can be achieved using one’s fat from different areas of the body or using fillers. 


    A facelift is also known as rhytidectomy. The procedure helps to tighten sagging facial skin, decrease the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, and reduce excess fat on the face. 

    It is not recommended to combine other facial feminization treatments with a facelift. You will want to ensure that there are six months between your facelift, and any other facial surgery you might have planned. 

    Tracheal Shave

    Tracheal Shave is also known as thyroplasty or thyroid cartilage reduction. This procedure involves decreasing the size of the Adam’s apple. Although it is a fairly common procedure, it can be tricky because the surgeon much protect the vocal cords and neck of the patient. 

    Nonsurgical Procedures 

    Fillers are a great non-invasive option for facial feminization surgery. There are a variety of options that can help you look and feel more feminine without the recovery time of cosmetic surgery. 

    Botox, check filler, chin and jawline filler, dermal filler, and lip injections, are all effective methods of making your face look more feminine. What is beneficial about fillers is the quick results. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the size or shape, you can change and tweak your fillers at your next appointment.  

    Facial Implants

    If you want permanent solutions for your feminine facial renewal, you can opt for facial implants. 

    For example, cheeks are often more round and pronounced on a woman’s face. With implants, you can mimic this feminine look using small silicone implants placed over your cheeks. 

    Why Choose Younique Surgery Center and Medical Spa 

    Transgender healthcare is important at Younique Surgery Center and Medical Spa, transgender health care.

    They offer a range of facial feminization services and ensure that you get the results that you desire. As part of their transgender care, they with your insurance provider to get your procedures covered, and get you started on your new journey as who you are meant to be. 

    They feature free consultation and a wide variety of services. They also offer cash pricing to suit any budget. 

    Reach Your Facial Feminization Goals 

    The transition journey can be difficult but it is can also be very rewarding. With the right medical team and the right procedures, you can look like the woman that you feel on the inside. Be sure to talk to a trusted surgeon for these facial feminization procedures. 

    Contact our office and get a quote today! Get started on your transition journey with a trusted team of experienced staff. 

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