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Breast Lift and Augmentation Before & Afters – Case 11365

Patient is a 40 year old female, 5’9” and 131lbs complaining of sagging breasts.  The patient has had no children but has gone through weight gain and weight loss.  Her pre-operative breast size was a very small 34B/C.

Procedure:  Dr. Youssef performed a bilateral wise pattern mastopexy with a sub pectoral breast augmentation.  Dr. Youssef used Style 115-378cc (Moderate Plus) textured, round silicone breast implants. The patient is now a full 34D bra.

Breast Lift and augmentation photos

Case 11365 - Breast Lift and Reduction Gallery (Before & After)

Breast Lift Gallery (Before & After)

Breast Lift photos side 4

Breast Lift Before & After Photos – Case 6288

This patient was interested in a breast reduction but wanted to also have a perkier final appearance of her breasts. Dr. Youssef performed a breast reduction to both reduce the size of her breasts as well as create a more youthful, lifted appearance.

Breast Lift before & afters

Breast Capsulectomy, Lift, Remove and Replace Results – Case 9741

Patient is a 24 year old female, 5’5” and 112 lbs, complaining of hard, deformed breasts.  The patient had 1 previous breast augmentation which resulted in bilateral capsular contracture complications.  Her bra size was a 32G.  Pre-operatively, she had saline breast implants in the sub pectoral position.

Procedure: Dr. Youssef performed a bilateral open capsulectomy, bilateral lateral capsulorrhaphy, bilateral wise pattern mastopexy and bilateral breast implant removal and replacement.  Dr. Youssef place Natrelle style 15- 322cc smooth round silicone implants in the sub pectoral position.  The patient is now a 32D/DD bra size.

Breast Lift remove and replace photos

breast lift removal replacement gallery

Breast reduction removal lift pictures

Breast Lift, Removal and Replacement Pictures – Case 8478

This patient had obvious large, pendulous breasts that caused her significant upper back and neck pain, rashes, and difficulty with finding clothing that fit properly. Dr Mark Youssef performed a breast reduction which not only improved her symptoms but also created a nice overall final breast shape and size.

lift removal and breast replacement gallery

side view of breast lift before afters

lifted breast gallery

Breast Lift & Reduction Before & Afters – Case 1368

This Caucasian woman came in seeking a breast lift and reduction.  She had long suffered from lower back pain, lack of comfortable sleep and deep grooves in her shoulders from the size of her large breasts.  At 5 foot 9 inches and 150 pounds she wore a 34G bra size.  In 2010 at the age of 58 she decided to receive a breast lift and reduction from Dr. Mark Youssef at his Santa Monica surgery center.  After surgery she was comfortably wearing a 34D bra size.

breast lift and reduction before and afters

Breast Augmentation & Lift Before Afters – Case 11140

Breast Lift Before & After

Breast Lift Pictures Before & After



Breast Lift Photos – Case 2746

This woman was interested in a breast reduction that would not only alleviate her upper back and neck pain but that would create a breast size and shape that was youthful and balanced with the rest of her body. Dr. Mark Youssef performed a breast reduction which reduced the size, and gave her breasts a more pleasing overall appearance.

Case 2746 - lifting breast photos

Breast Lift Pictures – Case 7293

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Case 7293 - Breast Lift post surgery