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It’s common for some fat to linger even after you lose weight, but CoolSculpting gets rid of that stubborn fat for good. Weight loss from diet and exercise causes your fat cells to shrink, but they remain in your body. This often leads to pockets of fat cells in common problem areas, such as love handles.

Coolsculpting Process

How Long Does  it Take?

The treatment process is really simple.  Patients can expect a five to ten minute consult, where a medical professional will decide if they are good candidates. If a patient is deemed as a good candidate, the medical practitioner will usually draw around the treatment zones and apply an applicator on the treatment area. As it is not considered painful, patients can still expect to experience a prickly sensation as the applicator cools the treatment area through a skin protecting gel pad. This will take about 35 minutes to run. Treatments typically lasts about an hour to two hours at max.

Learn more on who is a good candidate for coolscuplting.

Does Coolsculpting Really work?

The technology is based on an observation from scientists at Harvard University, who noticed that children got dimples in their cheeks after eating popsicles. The phenomenon they observed was cryolipolysis, or a targeted fat cell reduction through freezing.

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