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Breast Implant Types: A Complete Guide

Types of Breast Implants for Augmentation

When you decide that breast augmentation is right for you, the next step in the process is choosing your implant material. Our practice offers 4 types of breast implants, all of which offer an attractive, natural result, but there are some subtle differences between them.

The 4 types of breast implants used at Younique Cosmetic Surgery and Med Spa are:

  1. Saline
    • Saline implants are first placed inside the breast, then filled with a sterile saltwater mixture, saline.
    • Saline implants are a great choice for you if having the smallest incision possible is one of your top priorities for the procedure.
  2. Silicone
    • Silicone implants are made from a pliable silicone
    • Silicone implants require a slightly larger incision, as they are inserted during surgery pre-filled, but their composition of synthetic polymers makes them unique in that they most closely resemble human fat.
  3. Gummy Bear (new)
    • Gummy Bear implants are made from a cohesive high strength silicone gel
  4. Natrelle Inspira SoftTouch
    • Natrelle Inspira SoftTouch is made from a medium firmness cohesive silicone gel

A consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, an expert source of information and advice, will further guide you to the best choice of material for you. If you’re feeling undecided, an easy way to get a feel for your personal preference between silicone and saline is to see the before and after results of others who have had the procedure.

Different Implant Types Explained (Video)

Breast Implant Shapes, Sizes & Textures Explained

There are 2 breast implant shapes:

  1. Round breast implants
    • These add volume to both the top and the bottom of the breast
  2.  Teardrop breast implants
    • These types of breast implants emphasize the lower part of the breast

Choosing The Right Size for Breast Implants

Breast Implant Textures:

  1. Smooth implants
    • Smooth implants allow the implant to move more freely within the breast pocket, which some women feel allows a more natural look

Areas of Incision for Breast Implants

  1. Around The Nipple (Peri-Areolar)
  • This incision is often noted as around the nipple. Surgeons make an incision where the darker skin of the areoala meets the lighter skin of the breast. The implant is then rolled up into a protective sleeve and from there, inserted into the breast. At that point, the sleeve is removed.
around the nipple implant incision (peri-areolar)
2. Under The Breast (Inframammary)

  • This process involves making an incision in the crease under the breast, where the implant is inserted and worked vertically into place.
under the breast inframammary incision
3. Through The Armpits (Transaxillary)

  • This type of approach is handles through the armpit. The incision is made in the fold of the armpit and the implant is inserted through the channel of the breast and worked into place.
through the armpit (transaxillary)
4. Through The Belly Button (TUBA)

  • This type of incision involves an endoscope, where a tunnel is cut below the skin (above the rim) and up to the breast. The implant is rolled and pushed into place. It i then inflated using the blow up tube that’s fit through the tunnel.
through the stomach incision

Ways To Insert Breast Implants

There are 2 different ways to insert the implant:

  1. Submuscular – (Under Muscle)
  • This technique places the implant under the pectoralis major muscle and above the pectoralis minor muscle.

under muscle breast implants`

    2. Subglandular – (Over Muscle)

  • This technique utilizes and implant insertion over both the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major muscles.
Over the muscle breast implant



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