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What is Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast Augmentation is essentially either inserting an implant or adding fat also to the breast to change its shape and give it a fuller more lifted look.

Breast Augmentation Explained


Why Has Breast Augmentation Become So Popular in Los Angeles?

Breast Augmentation has been popular for several decades. Currently, more natural-looking breast implants are more popular compared to the large breasted Pamela Anderson look that was popular in the 80s. Dr. Youssef says “I think breast augmentation will always be popular because it’s a simple procedure that makes a really big difference. It tends to make patients happy and it’s a quick recovery.”


History of the Surgical Procedure

Breast Augmentation has a very interesting history. Doctors initially conducted the surgery by simply injecting silicone directly into the breast. Some patients received great results, but in general, injecting a free-floating silicone agent can be toxic to the body and sometimes will cause immune reactions. Over time it developed into an implant that had a shell around it and was filled with silicone oil. As those implants were in the body for many years sometimes the silicone shell would leak and some of the silicone oil would cause harm to the body. This lasted from 1991 to 2006 when all silicone implants were removed from the United States market until a newer firmer shell and silicon gummy bear type texture was developed. The gummy bear consistency has a much more durable shell on the outside and a gummy bear interior, which is much safer for long-term use. Learn more about the shapes and sizes of implants here.


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