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Different Types of Breast Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mark Youssef of Santa Monica, CA has been an accredited member of the American Society of Cosmetic Breast Surgery for the past 10 years. Performing over 10,000 cosmetic procedures, he has noticed many changes in the desire for the appearance of breast enhancement. View the various breast procedures Younique Cosmetic Surgery offers below.

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Breast augmentation often utilizes breast implants, in which a patient must choose their desired shape or appearance with a doctor.

Breast Enhancement Surgery Types

  1. Augmentation

  2. Lift 

  3. Implant Removal & Replacement

  4. Reduction 

  5. Fat Transfer – Non-Implant

Breast Surgery Before & After Pictures

  1. Augmentation Gallery

  2. Lift Gallery

  3. Implant Removal & Replacement Gallery

  4. Reduction Gallery

Types of Augmentation Surgery


Real Patient Testimonials from Breast Surgery


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