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    Types of Breast Augmentation Surgery Los Angeles

    A Breast Augmentation enhances or augments the appearance of a breast’s shape by way of surgical insertion of an implant, or by way of non-implant fat transfer.

    Choosing the right size breasts may seem like a very important decision. Learn how to choose the right size breast implants for any size, shape or body type.

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    Common Considerations for Breast Augmentation Plastic Surgery?

    There are many good reasons to consider a breast augmentation. The most common reasons we hear are:

    • ‘I was born flat-chested’
    • ‘my breasts never developed’
    • ‘women in my family just don’t have proper breast development’
    • ‘I don’t look good in clothes’
    • ‘dresses don’t fit me right’

    Breast Augmentation Procedure

    What To Do Before Surgery: Decisions To Make

    When considering breast augmentation I think there’s really three main decisions that you have to make with your surgeon:

    1. What type of implant do you desire
    2. Where would you like to place the implant?
    3. Where do you want the scar?

    Choosing your Area of Incision

    The most important decision in choosing breast augmentation is choosing your area of incision, which ultimately is the decision of your scar placement. There are 3 areas you can choose your scar:

    1. Around the areola (most common)
    2. In-crease of the breast
      1. underneath the breast and the crease
    3. Armpit

    In general those are the three decisions you have to make when choosing a breast augmentation.

    Post-Pregnancy Considerations

    Another qualifying consideration for breast augmentation is having multiple children. After women breastfeed for a year or two they lose volume and their breasts change shape (get flatter) and they just want breast augmentation to just kind of regain the look that they had before.

    After a patient undergoes breast augmentation surgery they can likely expect an increase in many external and internal factors

    Click here to learn more about what to expect after breast augmentation

    How To Choose The Best Breast Augmentation Doctor

    Learn more about a real patients Breast Augmentation.

    What is the Typical Process of a Consultation?

    An initial breast augmentation consultation is usually introduced with the Doctor asking the patient their desired placement for the implant. After discussing the various breast implant types and a patients options, the breast augmentation surgeon usually conducts an initial round of measurements including:

    1. Height
    2. Weight
    3. Width of shoulders
    4. Width of chest

    It is important for a surgeon to conduct the above measurements as it helps the patient understand the critical limitations everyone’s body allows.

    How Long

    1. Procedure time:
      1. The procedure generally takes under 2 hours
    2. Consultation to Surgery
      1. Initial consultation to surgery takes about 3-4

    Learn more about breast augmentations recovery time.

    Some patients combine breast augmentation with another procedure, which makes the total surgery time slightly longer. However, the advantages of having multiple procedures at the same time include lower costs (only one anesthesia and surgery is needed) and shorter recovery time (a single recovery period.)

    Is it permanent?

    It is considered a permanent surgery when all obscure circumstances are avoided. Learn more from the link above!

    Review of Breast Augmentation Patient

    Medically Reviewed by Mark Youssef, MD 5 stars from 150 reviews

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