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    Brazilian Butt Lift Center of Beverly Hills

    For over 15 years, Dr. Mark Youssef has treated patients in need of the best Brazilain Butt Lift surgery in Beverly Hills. Centrally located in Santa Monica just 15 minutes from Beverly Hils, many patients often choose our trusted center of BBL surgery for both our expertise and word of mouth spread of great natural-looking results.

    A BBL procedure uses a patient’s own fat to sculpt and contour the buttocks while transferring fat from another part of the body. This procedure is a great way to naturally augment the appearance of the buttocks while pairing the surgery with a fat transfer procedure such as Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck.

    Brazilian Butt Lift’s have grown with increasing popularity over the last 10 or so years, with the rise of celebrity patients making the procedure so popular. The good news is, a BBL procedure is a much safer option compared to choosing a Buttock Implant, as this technique requires the introduction of a foreign object placed in a patient’s buttocks.

    If you’re looking for a natural buttocks augmentation, we’d be happy to serve our Beverly Hills Brazilian Butt Lift patients today. Read more below!

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    What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    A Brazilian Butt Lift surgery transfers excess fat from other areas of the patient’s body such as your thighs, abdomen, flanks or arms and then deposits this fat into the buttocks to make it a fuller and naturally lifted appearance.

    Many people often consider the benefits of this procedure as a much safer and natural-looking approach compared to buttock implants.

    Before & After BBL Gallery

    View some of our best patients results from our Beverly Hills BBL treatment. View BBL Before and Afters.

    Before and After Brazilian Butt Lift

    How Much Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Cost in Beverly Hills

    The cost of a BBL surgery in Beverly Hills is determined by both the amount of fat that must be transferred, as well as your current size/proportions. The average cost of a BBL surgery in Beverly Hills ranges from about $8,000 – $10,000.

    The amount of fat that needs to be transferred as recommended by your Beverly Hills BBL surgeon will factor into this cost, as well as your current shape and volume of your buttocks. See our Financing options below and learn who the best candidate is for the procedure.

    Choosing The Best BBL Surgeon in Beverly Hills

    Choosing the best BBL Doctor in Beverly Hills may seem difficult to start. After doing your adequate research: checking Doctor reviews, watching their procedure explanation videos, viewing their before and after results, and more, we are confident you will find the best BBL Surgeon of Beverly Hills.

    Dr. Mark Youssef is an expert in BBL surgery and you may even read his book on ‘The Art of The Brazilian Butt Lift“, if you’d like more information. We are confident that after viewing our patient’s results, speaking with Dr. Youssef, and even reading his book, you will find that he is the best BBL surgeon near Beverly Hills.

    It is also important to schedule a consultation and discuss with your Doctor your specific goals before outright booking your surgical appointment.

    Determining a Good Candidate for a Brazilian Butt Lift?

    Before getting a BBL Procedure, it is important to understand if your weight and height are optimal proportions fo this procedure. As stated before, a BBL transfers fat to the buttocks by way of a Liposuction or Tummy Tuck procedure. Not all patients are deemed as ‘good’ candidates for a BBL as there must be enough extra fat to harvest for the operation. Patients must not exceed 30 pounds over their ideal weight.

    Patients must also be in good general health and at least 18 years or older to receive this procedure. Patients who are naturally thin and have low-fat supply may be better candidates for buttock implants.

    Does a Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery Require Fat Transfer?

    Yes! A BBL does indeed require a coupling fat transfer with either Liposuction or a Tummy Tuck.

    Where does fat used for Brazilian butt lifts come from?

    A Brazilian Butt Lift harvest fat from the following areas of the patient’s body:

    • Flanks (love handles)
    • Abdomen
    • Thighs
    • Upper Arms

    During this procedure, your Beverly Hills Brazialin Butt Lift surgeon will use a combination of liposculpture/liposuction and fat injection to create the most natural-looking augmented appearance of your buttocks.

    The procedure takes the following events. First, the buttocks’ frame is created using liposculpture to remove fat from the fat harvesting areas mentioned above. After this, the fat is then processed and purified to ensure the fat’s best longevity. Next, the patient’s fat is then precisely injected into the buttocks to create the desired natural looking appearance. The fat is then massaged to move it into the proper place of the buttock, which allows for a fuller and curvier appearance. All of the fat that is injected into the buttocks won’t be 100% retained, but, the fat is injected close to a blood supply to achieve the highest fat preservation rate.

    Liposuction and a Brazilian Buttock Lift

    Liposuction and a BBL are two of the most common fat transfer procedures coupled to produce the best looking BBL results. During this procedure, your BBL surgeon will gather excess fat from your thighs, upper arms, flanks or abdomen, purify the fat, and inject it into the buttocks. These fat injections are performed in a strategic way to give the butt the best appearance terms of shape, projection, and longevity.

    Tummy Tuck and a Brazilian Butt Lift

    A Tummy Tuck and a Brazilain Butt Lift are also common for our Beverly Hills Patients as this procedure contours the whole midsection of the body. The front of the abdomens is left flat, which enhances the position contour performed on the buttocks.

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    How Long Will a BBL Surgery Last?

    In terms of longevity,  a Brazilain Butt Lift Beverly Hills patients may expect around 60-70 percent of the initial fat transfer for the lifetime of the BBL. The entire longevity and results from the procedure typically rely on how well you the patients take care of it during the recovery process.

    Your buttocks may go through many phases following the procedure before it finalized in shape and size at around the 90-day mark.

    The procedure is considered semi-permanent and patients may expect the result sot last for several decades.

    What is a Brazilian Butt Lift Recovery Like?

    The recovery process is as follows:

    • 1 week to return to normal walking and moving
    • Minor pain and discomfort immediately following the procedure as well as minor swelling and bruising
    • The liposuction sites may also be tender or sore for several weeks following the procedure

    Our BBL Doctor here in Beverly Hills typically provides our patients with a BBL Pillow or a compression garment following the procedure to ensure the best recovery process. These are to be used for 1 full month after surgery.


    9 Ways to Maximize BBL Results

    There are 9 things a patient can do to maximize the results of their Brazilian Butt Lift:

    1. Wearing the right garments
    2. Feed the fat (Eat healthy fats)
    3. Creative sleeping
    4. No driving
    5. Sit on your thighs
    6. No smoking
    7. Exercise around 8 weeks after surgery
    8. Stay Hydrated
    9. Keep a stable weight

    BBL vs Butt Implants Augmentation in Beverly Hills

    Butt implants are considered a second option for those patients who do not meet the criteria for candidacy for a BBL procedure.

    Buttock implants utilize the placement of solid silicone implants just above the inside gluteal muscle as it is inserted n the crease of the buttocks. One benefit of butt implants compared to a BBL is that a patient does have a bit more control over the final size of the augmentation. The shape and size of the buttock implant is not dependent on the amount of fat you currently have on your body.

    Butt Implants are also only semi-permanent, as these implants may need to be replaced in the future. Additional risks also exist with implants, which is another reason why patients often choose the BB procedure in Beverly Hills.

    Non-Surgical Butt Procedure

    If the BBL is not an option for you, some of the alternatives include:

    • Collagen stimulating injections or fillers
    • Skin tightening lasers


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