Botox Aftercare

What to Expect From a Botox Treatment

The Botox recovery process typically involves mild bruising and swelling that is minimalized with a soothing applicator called, Arnica. Most patients are able to return to their workplace within 1 hour from the time of treatment.

How to Recover from Botox

Often times, a patient will notice small or tiny (swelling) bumps that appear under their chin, which alleviates on its own within 20-30 minutes after the treatment. Even patients who undergo this ‘normal’ circumstance are able to return to their workplace within the 1-hour timeframe.

The pain threshold is very minimal as the needle is very small and often does not cause any major swelling or bruising whatsoever.

Steps to a Good Botox Recovery Process

  1. Apply an Arnica soothing gel
    – Patients are often given a soothing applicator gel, Arnica, that is recommended to apply to the treated areas.
  2. Ice the area (if needed)
    – Though it is often not needed or necessary, some patients may choose to ice the treatment area. This is
  3. Time
    – Small swelling bumps may appear under the chin that is normal after a botox procedure. Time will naturally alleviate these swelling bumps with 20-30 minutes on its own.

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