Is being overweight the cause of a double chin?

It can be, but that doesn’t mean it must be. Some of the common potential causes of a double chin include:

  1. Aging. As you grow older, the natural aging process causes you to lose muscle and your skin to loosen. Muscles in the chin slacken and skin stretches, increasing the risk of a double chin.
  2. Genetics. There’s a good chance that your double chin is inherited. If you have other family members with a double chin, you may have a greater risk of developing one yourself. Genetics often affect fat storage and water retention, which can both lead to a double chin.
  3. Extra Weight. Extra weight or body fat is another common cause of a double chin. Of course, even individuals who are at a healthy weight may develop a double chin.

With regards to genetics, if other members of a person’s family, such as parents or grandparents, have double chins, then chances are that this person has a much higher chance of developing one.