What kind of paramedical tattoos does Younique offer?

We specialize in 3D areola restoration and scar camouflage.

3D Areola Restoration

This restores the appearance of nipples. In many cases, a portion of the nipple can lose its natural pigments. This is often associated with medical treatments, such as radiation therapy for cancer. Our tattoo artists can re-pigment those small areas and make them look like the other portions of the areola. This results in an areola with a consistent color in all its dimensions.

On the other hand, patients with breast cancer can lose their areolas completely after a mastectomy. Our skilled tattoo artists can perform a 3D tattoo of the areola to recreate its original appearance. These tattoos are highly detailed and possess a 3D effect that makes them look natural. Moreover, they don’t even look flat.

Scar Camouflage

This technique hides scars left behind from medical procedures and different types of accidents.

The tattoo is carefully done using different effects. As a result, the texture of the scar tissue resembles normal skin. The tattooed scar blends perfectly with the skin and becomes highly unnoticeable, improving the patient’s aesthetics.

Furthermore, this type of paramedical tattooing can also be used to cover and hide stretch marks.