Why do people get cheek implants?

There are two main reasons patients consider cheek augmentation with implants.

The first reason often has a lot to do with a patient being overwhelmingly dissatisfied with the simple structure of their facial bones. Younger patients often desire a more permanent projection in the cheekbones and receive cheek implants. Augmenting the cheeks can improve the overall facial structure or balance of the cheeks and also improve the look of a “baby face.” Increasing the cheekbone’s height pronounces a more angular facial structure. Cheek implants create a natural-looking cheekbone projection that many people find very attractive.

The second reason is frequently due to a normal loss of volume in the cheek area due to aging. As we get older, our subcutaneous (under the skin) facial fat begins to dissipate, causing a hollowing appearance. Restoring volume in the cheeks often helps patients feel more youthful and regain lost confidence.