Fat Transfer Implants

As the demand for liposuction and breast augmentation in Beverly Hills increases, surgeons have found a way to combine these two into a nearly too-good-to-be-true procedure. Patients who want to slim their waist, hips, or thighs and increase their breast size need look no further than fat transfer breast augmentation.

This illustrious routine includes the two most sought after cosmetic procedures: liposuction and breast augmentation. Fat is harvested from the patient’s body using a gentle liposuction needle, and then transferred into their breast tissue to even out and augment their bust. Not only do patients reduce unwanted bulge in their midsection, arms, hips, or legs, but also receive implants that will not be rejected, as it is already part of their body.

This non-surgical method is utilized by many plastic surgeons in the United States, including Dr. Mark Youssef of YOUnique Cosmetic Surgery in Santa Monica. This procedure has become particularly desirable to women who want a very natural profile and a nearly scar-free result.

Women in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles seeking breast augmentation also want to look plastic surgery-free; au naturale. The fat transfer implant yields the most natural-looking breast augmentation because surgeons simply inject the patient’s own fat into their breast tissue. Also, unlike other breast augmentation surgeries, the fat transfer implant does not produce scarring, as it is an injection rather than insertion.

Women looking to enhance their bust in a natural and alluring way need look no further than the fat transfer implant. This non-surgical breast augmentation method is perfect for women who want to subtly improve or bring symmetry to their chest; rid hips, stomach, or thighs of tricky-to-lose fat; and enjoy a natural finish.

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