Fat Transfer vs. Implants for Breast Enhancement

You workout. You diet. You even sometimes wear shape-wear and water bras to get your body contours looking just the way you want. If you’re like many women, however, time and childbearing has taken its toll on your body, and weight loss efforts leave you frustrated as stubborn pockets of fat persist around your thighs and abs, while your breasts seem to be the first part of your body to lose weight!

Good news! We can kill two birds with one stone, with a fat transfer breast augmentation surgery. You’ve said it before: “If I could remove the fat from my thighs and put them in my breasts, I’d be happy!” It’s possible! And we offer this treatment here in our Santa Monica cosmetic surgery practice.

Breast augmentation has undergone an amazing evolution since this procedure became available. As with many other surgeries, elective or otherwise, this surgery has become far less invasive. The material that is implanted has improved in quality as well, and patients have more options than years past.

Aside from implants composed of silicone or saline, the possibility of transferring your own fat is quite popular. For qualified candidates, the idea of moving fat from one place to another is very appealing. “You mean I can get rid of my unwanted fat and enhance my bust all in one go?” Yes! That’s what we mean!

Breast implants still have their place as well. If you’re not a good candidate or liposuction, or you’re one of the lucky ones without any fat to spare, breast implants are still a safe and popular option for many women. Discuss this option with Dr. Youssef during your consultation with us, and he’ll help you determine which options are right for you based on your lifestyle, medical history and desired results.