Gummy Bear Breast Implants

The ever-increasing demand for breast augmentation surgeries in Beverly Hills, the United States, and the world has led to new implant technology and innovations that are leaving recipients more satisfied. One such advancement is the ‘gummy bear implant’.

Approved by the FDA in 2012, the delightfully dubbed ‘gummy bear implant’ has taken the breast augmentation market by storm, boasting of more strength, cohesiveness, and a more natural look than traditional implants. Composed of silicone gel, this teardrop implant emulates the natural shape of a breast, as it is thicker on the bottom and tapered near the top. The gummy bear implant is firmer than a traditional saline or silicone implant, and is less susceptible to rippling or bursting. It’s thick, gummy bear-esque composition helps it maintain a natural, stable shape, which is often desired by breast implant patients.

Other reasons breast augmentation patients desire the gummy bear implant include their prospective longevity, smooth composure, and inability to leak. Because this form of breast augmentation has only been available for three years, it cannot be confirmed with absolute certainty that the gummy bear implant will last long than traditional implants. However, due to the fact that they will not tear or burst, and they hold their shape extremely well, medical professionals are confident that this implant will outlive its predecessors. Patients are also attracted to this particular procedure because the silicone gel hardens and will not ripple, as liquid-filled implants tend to do. Because gummy bear implants have the consistency of gummy candy, they are not susceptible to leakage or bursting like other implants.

The gummy bear implant is popular in the Beverly Hills area; as breast augmentation patients are beginning to seek a fuller, natural look over the round, made-up look associated with round or saline implants. YOUnique Cosmetic Surgery’s Dr. Mark Youssef has met the demand for natural, durable implants by adopting the gummy bear implant procedure in his practice, serving the Beverly Hills and Santa Monica areas.

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