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LED Light Therapy in Santa Monica

What is the LightStim LED Bed?

The LightStim LED Bed is a non-invasive treatment designed to promote complete body healing and wellness. The LightStim bed uses a patented technology, MultiWave, to deliver soothing healing to the entire body. This treatment system is the first and only one of its type to gain FDA clearance for the increase of blood circulation as well as the relief of muscle, joint, and arthritic pain. These LED lights repair, energize, and rejuvenate the body in an all natural way.

LED Light Therapy Treatment

Does LED Light Therapy really work?

Yes. LED Light Therapy works to reduce wrinkles and firm the skin’s tone, improve elasticity and help a person recover their youthful glow. LED Light Therapy is the first FDA-approved treatment to increase blood circulation as well as provide relief of muscle, joint, and arthritic pain. 

Best LED Light Therapy?

Many of you may be wondering ‘what is the best LED Light Therapy? Many people try the desired skincare treatment with at-home devices, however, LightStim Professional is used by only the most advanced medical spas and has been proven to provide the most effective results. The LightStim Bed is the most technologically advanced, fastest and safest form of LEF Light Therapy 

What Should I expect from LED Light Therapy in Los Angeles?

What does the LightStim LED Bed look like?

The LightStim LED Bed is a large, white, curved bed equipped with 18,240 LED lights. The bed is large enough for virtually any person. It measures 86″ long, headrest included. It’s 40″ wide and 18″ tall.

How does the treatment work?

During treatment, the patient will simply relax on the treatment bed. Multiple wavelengths of light will then combine to help the body heal more quickly while they reduce pain and prompt the body to achieve optimal wellness and rejuvenation levels. Studies have shown no pain and ill effects from this treatment, and in fact, most patients find the treatment process to be a very relaxing one.

What about LightStim for wrinkles?

LightStim has been shown to be highly effective for the reduction of wrinkles in many patients who are seeking rejuvenation. It can help firm and tone skin, reduce large pores, smooth skin texture overall, improve skin elasticity, and help a person recover their youthful glow.

Benefits of LED Light Therapy

LightStim LED Light Therapy can have a multitude of benefits for the whole body. It helps the body to produce more of a critical cellular fuel, ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate.) It also increases the body’s production of Nitric Oxide. The LightStim bed helps with quicker wound healing, and it also reduces the amount of bruising and swelling that a person suffers when they’re injured. Many patients have also enjoyed better heart health thanks to regular treatments in the LightStim LED bed. Treatments can help protect from cardiovascular disease, heart attack, and stroke. The cellular damage caused by free radicals can also be greatly reduced or entirely prevented with regular LightStim treatments. People who have regular LightStim treatments may be able to handle pain more effectively, as it prompts the release of endorphins. Overall, it’s healthy for the whole body.
LED Light Therapy Bed

LED Light Therapy Machine