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    Breast Enhancement Surgery in Oxnard

    Every person is different and has a unique body. Therefore, breast size can vary between people. As a result, not everyone is pleased with their breasts.

    Fortunately, this issue can be solved with a breast augmentation procedure.

    Let our specialist help you choose the right size and type of breast augmentation procedure

    Choosing the right size and shape for your breast is not as simple as it sounds. There are many aspects to consider that determine how your breast will look after the surgery.

    Fortunately, our team of specialists at Younique in Oxnard can guide you through this process and help you achieve the looks you desire. Furthermore, they have several years of experience and have performed thousands of successful breast augmentations.

    What is a breast augmentation procedure?

    As the name suggests, breast augmentation consists of increasing the size of the breast through surgical methods. This allows the patient to improve her looks and achieve a more appealing appearance based on her standards.

    Breast augmentation can also change the shape of the breasts. Depending on how the procedure is performed, the breasts can look rounder or have a more natural teardrop shape.

    Therefore, patients can discuss expectations with the doctors during the planning to ensure the results match what they are looking for.

    Different types of breast augmentation procedures available at Oxnard

    Breast augmentation can be performed through two different procedures: breast implants and fat transfer.

    • Breast implants:

    This is the most common breast augmentation technique. It consists of placing an implant under the breast through an incision. These implants come in different sizes and materials to ensure the patient gets one that matches her expectations and desires. Additionally, the patient can decide where the incision is made.

    • Fat transfer:

    Fat transfer consists of extracting fat tissue from the patient’s body and then transplanting it to the breasts. This method is also surgical but doesn’t involve placing and leaving a foreign object inside the body.

    Why increase the natural size of the breast?

    Breast augmentation is usually performed to help people feel more comfortable with their bodies.

    Although not everyone feels the same, some people tend to find their small breasts or flat chests aesthetically unpleasant. This can lead to personal image issues and even affect the person’s self-esteem and confidence.

    Fortunately, breast augmentation can help improve their appearance and achieve the looks they desire. Even a minor adjustment to the breast size can be enough to make the person feel more comfortable and look better in her dresses and clothes.

    Patients choose to have a breast augmentation for many different reasons and having larger breasts is just one of them:

    1. Restoring breast fullness and projection after pregnancy and breast feeding
    2. Feeling more confident in a swimsuit
    3. Adding balance to better compliment curvy hips
    4. Enhancing self-image and self-confidence

    Breast Implants Available in Oxnard

    Breast augmentation is not performed in the same way for everyone. The patient needs to evaluate certain aspects with the help of the doctor before the surgery, such as:

    1.    Implant type

    There are different types of breast implants made of multiple materials. Nonetheless, our specialists in Oxnard usually work with the following types:

    • Silicone:

    Silicone implants are the traditional option and what our specialists at Younique often recommend. There are several implant sizes available, and they provide a natural look and texture. Furthermore, the content inside the implant is perfectly sealed, which reduces the risk of leaking.

    • Saline:

    Saline implants allow for more precise sizing. The doctor places these implants empty inside the breasts and then fills them with salt water. As a result, the doctor can make minor adjustments to achieve perfect results.

    However, there is a risk that the content of the implant might leak through the valve used to fill them. This can lead to tissue damage.

    2.     Implant placement

    The area where the implant is placed can change how the breasts look after the surgery.

    • Above the muscle:

    The doctor places the implant above the breast muscle and the fat tissues. This results in more cleavage being shown and a rounder appearance. Also, since the implant is closer to the surface, the breasts feel harder and less natural.

    • Under the muscle:

    The doctor places the implant under the breast muscle and fat tissues. This provides a natural-looking result and a teardrop breast shape.

    3.    Incision location

    The patient can choose where the incision is made to insert the implant. This also determines where the surgery’s scar will be located.

    There are 4 incision areas to choose from:

    • Pereolar: Around the areola
    • Inframammary IMF fold: under the crease of the breast
    • Trans axillary incision: Through the armpit
    • Trans umbilical: Through the belly button

    These 3 aspects determine the way your breast will look after the surgery. Our specialist at Younique in Oxnard can help you make the right choice according to your needs and aesthetic expectations.

    What happens during the consultation?

    The initial consultation is an essential part of the treatment. During this phase, the doctor and the patient discuss several aspects of the procedure and treatment expectations.

    Afterward, the doctor takes a few body measurements. This helps to visualize the possible result and determine the best course of action.

    During this initial consultation, the patient chooses the implant size, placement location, and the type of incision for the surgery.

    How long does the entire process take?

    The planning can take up to 1 – 4 days while everything is discussed. Afterward, the surgery takes place.

    The surgery time can vary between patients due to individual aspects. However, it usually takes the surgeon less than 2 hours to perform the procedure. This time might vary if the patient chooses to undergo multiple surgeries simultaneously.

    How long does the breast implant last?

    Breast implants have a 10 years lifespan on average. Nonetheless, this time can vary depending on different aspects. It is essential to attend periodic checkups with the doctor to ensure the implants are in great shape and healing properly. This can prevent any damage to the surrounding tissues and ensure the implants are replaced when needed.

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