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    Emsculpt in Oxnard

    Working out is essential to achieve your desired body results. It helps you tone your muscles and increase their size. However, on many occasions, exercise and diet alone are not enough to reach your goals.

    Fortunately, our doctors at Younique are trained to perform emsculpt and help you achieve the last gains you are missing. If you are in Oxnard, you can schedule a consultation and get ready to enhance your physic today.

    Emsculpt – Electromagnetic Treatment for Muscle Tone

    Emsculpt is a contemporary and non-invasive treatment technique that allows patients to tone their muscles and increase their size without pain or discomfort.

    This technique uses a specialized device that delivers a high-intensity focused electromagnetic energy (HIFEM) to the muscles through the skin. This causes involuntary muscle contractions at high speed, promoting muscle growth.

    Benefits of Emsculpt Treatment

    It is estimated that Emsculpt can increase muscle mass by up to 16%, and it only takes short 30-minute sessions. However, this treatment is usually aimed at people with lower body mass index, who already are at their ideal weight. Therefore, its primary goal is not to cause fat loss but improve the muscle tone of those patients who are already active or close to their ideal body image.

    How Does Emsculpt Work?

    Emsculpt electromagnetic waves cause the same effect that working out has on the muscles.

    The muscle contractions a person has when working out cause small tears on the said muscle under the skin. As a result, the body reacts by healing the tears and increasing the muscle size.

    The same principle is applied in Emsculpt treatment in Oxnard. The powerful electromagnetic waves trigger involuntary muscle contractions that create the same tears as the ones done by conventional exercise. Moreover, these contractions help release fatty acids in the body that help enhance the muscular tone.

    However, although both methods have the same principle,  the frequency of the contractions performed under Emsculpt treatment is higher than those done in a regular workout session. Furthermore, Emsculpt is capable of causing 20,000 muscle contractions per session. This is estimated to be 6 months of working out in just 30 minutes.

    What Areas Can Emsculpt Treat?

    Emsculpt can be used in different areas of the body. However, the most popular areas are:

    • Abs: it aids by giving better definition to the abdominal muscles
    • Buttocks: Emsculpt is the most efficient way to enhance the muscle tone of the buttocks
    • Thighs: The thighs can be difficult to target efficiently. Emsculpt provides toned thighs effortlessly
    • Arms: it helps achieve bigger arms

    Since Emsculpt is used in targeted areas and muscles, it can be used to fix any minor muscle imbalance. It is helpful in the abdominal zone, which tends to possess more fat than other areas.

    What Should I Expect From an Emsculpt Treatment in Oxnard?

    Upon arriving at the consultation, the doctor explains the process and the treatment benefits. The doctor begins the treatment when every doubt is cleared after the target muscles have been decided.

    The patients are asked to lie down, facing up on a comfortable examination bed. Afterward, a rubber pad is positioned on the area selected for the treatment. This rubber pad is in charge of delivering electromagnetic waves to the muscle.

    The patients feel strong vibrations emitted from the rubber pad once the device is turned on. Furthermore, these vibrations cause quick muscle contractions responsible for muscle growth.

    Emsculpt treatment is entirely painless. Therefore, no anesthesia or numb medication is necessary. However, the muscles often become sore after the session. This is due to the quick muscle contractions that the device causes to promote growth.

    This sensation is the same felt after working out, and the intensity varies according to the patient’s activity level. Therefore, patients who are not used to exercising might feel sorer and take more time to recover. On the other hand, active patients might feel lesser discomfort after the session.

    How Long is Treatment & Expectations for Downtime

    Each session takes only 30 minutes, and patients are free to leave right after it is over. Furthermore, there is no downtime after each session.

    Who is a Good Candidate?

    This treatment is designed to help active men and women who have trouble building muscle or burning the last pounds of fat despite constant exercise and a healthy diet. Furthermore, Emsculpt is not intended to be a weight-loss treatment, although it can happen as a side effect.

    Therefore, candidates for Emsculpt treatment are healthy people who are already at their ideal weight or just a few pounds off.

    On the contrary, patients with epilepsy or hemorrhagic disorders should not undergo the treatment as it can cause complications to their condition. Furthermore, it is recommended for women to avoid Emsculpt treatment during menstruation as it can worsen the cramps.

    When Will I See the Results?

    Typically, the initial results start showing after just a day or two from the treatment. However, multiple sessions and a healthy diet are necessary to achieve more visible results.

    How Long Does Emsculpt Results Last?

    Although the results are excellent and fast, the results are not permanent, and follow-up appointments are advised. This way, the results can be maintained throughout the time in optimal conditions.

    The recommended treatment plan consists of 2 sessions a week for two consecutive weeks. Therefore, a total of 4 sessions of 30 minutes in 2 weeks. Afterward, follow-up sessions should be appointed every 6 months.

    However, a healthy diet is necessary to maintain the results until the follow-up. Furthermore, exercise is also recommended to help the results last longer.

    Is Emsculpt Safe?

    Emsculpt is absolutely safe and has the FDA seal of approval. This approval qualifies Emsculpt to improve muscle tone, aid firmer muscle development, and strengthen the muscles.

    Since this technology is relatively new, there are no long-term studies on the impact it might have on the body. However, current studies have proven Emsculpt to be safe, and there are no reasons or signs that could cause any concern.

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