Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Oxnard

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    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Oxnard

    Although most times there are no problems with the post-op after surgery, the recovery can be slow, and the downtime can be an issue.

    For these cases, hyperbaric oxygen therapy can be used to improve healing and decrease the recovery time. As a result, breathing pressurized pure oxygen might be the only thing you need for a quick and effective recovery with less discomfort and issues.

    Let our professionals help you improve your healing with modern techniques

    If you underwent surgery not too long ago and feel like your recovery is not as quick as it should, make an appointment for a consultation with us.

    Our doctors are trained to use multiple contemporary methods to efficiently treat all conditions and face different cases with the best approach possible.

    Furthermore, our doctors at Oxnard might even recommend hyperbaric oxygen therapy to solve other health problems you could have.

    What is hyperbaric oxygen therapy?

    Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO) therapy is a treatment option that allows us to supply the patient with pressurized pure oxygen.

    In this method, patients must be placed comfortably inside a machine that increases the oxygen pressure.

    Additionally, the pressure level and the time the patient needs to stay in the chamber depend on the case characteristics and the condition that wants to be treated. Nonetheless, the pressure level is often 1.5 – 3 higher than normal atmospheric pressure.

    By being in a pressurized environment, the lungs can obtain more oxygen to be transported with the blood cells. As a result, this oxygen excess travels through the body on the blood cells, releasing stem cells and growth factors. Furthermore, these two elements are vital, as they play a primary role in healing and recovery. Therefore, increased levels of oxygen increase the healing effectiveness.

    What can hyperbaric oxygen therapy do for you?

    Nowadays, HBO therapy is used to treat several conditions globally.

    However, one of its most prominent benefits is its ability to improve natural healing and recovery time.

    Through a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, it is possible to decrease swelling associated with a surgical procedure. Also, it improves the patient’s condition and reduces the usual discomfort post-surgery.

    Moreover, by increasing the oxygen, it is possible to aid the affected tissues in their healing. Excess oxygen can drastically improve healing, making it more effective and quicker.

    Lastly, since it improves healing and decreases recovery time, downtime is also reduced. This advantage is particularly useful for patients who have to get back to their jobs and everyday activities as soon as possible.

    However, HBO therapy is also used to treat several conditions, such as:

    • Decompression sickness
    • Osteomyelitis
    • Carbon monoxide poisoning
    • Air and gas embolism
    • Actinomycosis
    • Diabetic lesions that are not responding well to treatment
    • Gas gangrene
    • Reduced arteries’ blood flow

    How is HBO therapy performed in Oxnard?

    The treatment itself is pretty straightforward.

    After the doctor determines you are suitable for the therapy and explain the benefits and risks, you are asked to enter the hyperbaric chamber.

    These chambers usually look similar to an MRI machine. They are completely sealed and are filled with pure oxygen. Once inside, the chamber slowly begins to pressurize the oxygen. At its peak, the pressure can reach up to 3 times the average atmospheric pressure.

    The time you spend inside depends on your condition. Regularly, it can range from only 45 minutes to 5 hours. However, most therapies last for 2 hours.

    Throughout the therapy, the doctor remains close to the machine to monitor the procedure and ensure everything is going right. Patients are free to leave the chamber after the time determined for the therapy has passed.

    However, the doctor has to do a quick check-up before you can leave the office. It is necessary to check the pulse and blood pressure, as the hyperbaric chamber can affect them. Also, the glucose level is evaluated in diabetic patients as high pressure can lower blood sugar. Once they have ensured that you are stable, you might leave the office without any issues.

    It is essential to know that some facilities have hyperbaric rooms where more than one patient can be treated at a time. In these cases, the pressurized oxygen is provided by a lightweight mask or hood that the patients need to wear.

    Are there any side effects?

    It is possible to experience specific side effects due to the high pressures the body is exposed to throughout the treatment.

    The most common side effect is feeling the ears plugged. This is the same sensation felt during an airplane flight and can be eased by yawning, swallowing, or chewing bubble gum.

    Other side effects include low blood glucose levels in diabetic patients and feeling lightheaded after the procedure. Patients may also experience fatigue and headache. Nonetheless, the side effects are mild and disappear after a while.

    Although not usual, there are a few complications that could occur, such as:

    • Ear trauma
    • Eye damage
    • Lungs collapse

    Who is a good candidate?

    It is recommended that the patients haven’t had an ear surgery on a close date previous to the HBO therapy. Furthermore, it is also advised that they don’t have a history of cold or fever in recent dates.

    Lastly, patients with lung diseases should also avoid this treatment. The reason why is that the high pressure can complicate the case.


    Patients can expect a quick improvement after undergoing HBO therapy. Furthermore, since the common side effects are only mild and disappear soon, patients can return to their lives right after the treatment.

    In some cases, however, patients are advised not to drive immediately after the treatment.


    The cost of HBO therapy can vary depending on several aspects. Nonetheless, the prices usually range from $125 to $150 per session.

    It is essential to know that patients often need more than just one session to achieve noticeable results.

    It is important to know that at Younique we offer HBO therapy at $150 per session. We also offer packages of 6 or more treatments at $125. Please use the form below to get started.

    The best HBO therapy near me

    The best place to get HBO therapy in Oxnard is at Younique. Our doctors and specialists are trained to deliver the treatment safely to achieve the best results with a low risk of complications. Make sure to book an appointment.

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