Reasons to Quit Smoking Before Cosmetic Surgery

If you’re preparing for cosmetic surgery, you’re probably wondering about the steps to take to make the experience as positive and safe as possible. If you smoke, for example, you’ll want to know why quitting before cosmetic surgery can help your surgery and recovery. Here are just a few tips to help you have the best cosmetic surgery experience possible.

Smoking can be a tricky thing when it comes to surgery because of nicotine’s negative effect on the body and blood flow to the skin. Stopping smoking before a surgery is so important that it’s advisable to quit smoking at least one month before a procedure in order to maximize the body’s coping mechanisms after an operation.

The effects of smoking relative to cosmetic surgery are many. Because smoking constricts blood vessels, the body is unable to heal as fast as it normally would when nicotine has not been present in a patient’s system. Moreover, smoking decreases the skin’s ability to heal, making smoking particularly dangerous in cosmetic surgery procedures. Additional complications can occur as nicotine lowers the body’s ability to protect itself from infection.

Fortunately, patients seeking to quit tobacco use altogether will find that cosmetic surgery is also a great way to stop the habit for good. Since quitting weeks in advance of a surgery is necessary, you’ll probably find that cravings are substantially reduced after a surgery.

For these reasons, learning about the effects of smoking with regard to cosmetic surgery can be a great way for you to have a fulfilling experience with your procedure. After all, the positive aspects of cosmetic surgery should make the decision to stop smoking an easy one.