Aveli Cellulite Treatment Santa Monica

Younique Surgery Center & Medical Spa is proud to serve Santa Monica, CA as one of the first medical practices to offer Aveli Cellulite treatment in Los Angeles. Aveli is the latest FDA-approved treatment to help reduce and remove moderate to severe cellulite.

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    Avéli Cellulite Removal in Santa Monica

    Cellulite is an aesthetic issue that affects around 90% of women. While it is not harmful, this defect can affect a person’s self-esteem and appearance.

    Fortunately, buttocks looks can be easily improved with Avéli. This new treatment option attacks cellulite cause directly, providing better and long-lasting results.

    What is Avéli?

    Avéli is a new therapy designed to treat cellulite. Unlike other methods, Avéli treats the root cause of the issue. Therefore, providing authentic results.

    Avéli is done using a specialized machine that penetrates the skin through tiny cuts. This improves the appearance of the skin’s dimples and imperfections.

    This technique is minimally invasive and approved by the FDA. It is available for anyone who struggles with cellulite in the buttocks or thighs.

    Unlike popular belief, cellulite is not caused by fat or other skin issues, such as laxity or poor skin quality. Instead, it is caused by septa. These are fibrous bands between the muscle and the skin, tethering both structures together.

    Unfortunately, these bands can pull down the skin too hard. Therefore, creating an aesthetic defect.

    Avéli consists of releasing these bands. This helps the skin regain its smooth appearance and decreases the severity of the dimples.

    What are Avéli’s Benefits?

    Aside from the improvement of the buttock’s appearance, Avéli offers other benefits, such as:

    • Quick and long-lasting solution:

    It only takes one session to achieve the desired results. Moreover, the session usually takes around 1 hour.

    The results can be appreciated almost immediately and remain the same over the years.

    • Little downtime:

    Patients can resume their normal activities right after the procedure. Nonetheless, they should avoid hard lower body exercises for a few days after the treatment.

    • Minimally invasive:

    The treatment is minimally invasive. Therefore, the side effects are just mild discomfort that disappears naturally after a couple days.

    • Little discomfort through the treatment:

    The procedure is done under local anesthesia. This prevents the patient from experiencing any pain throughout the treatment.

    • Safe and effective:

    Avéli is completely safe and provides noticeable results.

    Enhance Buttocks Cellulite

    Our team is prepared to treat you using the latest technologies and techniques. Through Avéli, our doctors can provide outstanding results and improve the way your buttocks look.

    Visit us in Los Angeles to improve your appearance and achieve youthful and smooth-looking buttocks. No matter the case, our team is trained to deliver a real solution to your aesthetic issues.

    Expectations of Aveli Cellulite Removal Santa Monica

    The treatment begins with an examination. The doctor evaluates the case and the severity of the cellulite.

    Afterward, local anesthesia is applied to the area. This ensures the patient’s comfort throughout the entire process. Once the area is numb, the doctor proceeds to use the specialized handheld device.

    The device has a small retractable blade that penetrates the skin. The doctor uses this blade to reach the septa and release the skin from them. This causes the skin to appear smooth once again.

    Furthermore, the device possesses a light that helps doctors determine the depths of the cellulite’s depression. This allows them to find and cut only the affected bands.

    When the procedure is finished, the doctor protects the area with cushioned pad and compression leggings to reduce swelling.

    The entire procedure, from the anesthesia application to the placement of protective elements, usually takes around 1 hour. Nonetheless, the time it takes can vary depending on the cellulite severity and the patient’s goals.

    Is the procedure safe?

    The procedure is entirely safe and approved by the FDA. There is no risk of significant complications or severe side effects associated with Avéli.

    However, patients might experience mild discomfort a couple of days after the treatment.

    It is highly recommended to undergo it with a trained professional to achieve better results. Our team in Santa Monica can deliver outstanding results with little to no discomfort.

    Who is a good candidate?

    Avéli is available for anyone in Santa Monica who is in good health and suffers from cellulite. The patient should not have any uncontrolled systemic condition that could interfere with the healing process after the treatment.

    Also, since the procedure is done in just one quick session, it is the perfect solution for people who don’t have enough time.


    Patients usually experience mild to moderate discomfort the first two days after the treatment. Afterward, it becomes mild and disappears after a few weeks.

    Since the procedure involves tiny cuts under the skin, it is normal to experience swelling and bruising. Moreover, the area might feel tender. However, although the discomfort becomes mild after a few days, it could take up to 4 weeks before the bruising completely disappears.

    If necessary, the patient can take over-the-counter medication to help ease the discomfort.

    There is little to no downtime as Avéli is a minimally invasive treatment. Also, depending on the patient’s condition, they can resume their normal activities after 2 days or less.

    Nonetheless, avoiding working out for a few days or weeks after the treatment is highly recommended. Afterward, the person should do just light exercises to avoid any issues with the healing process.

    Cost of Avéli in Santa Monica

    The cost of Avéli in Santa Monica ranges between $3,000 – $4,000. The price is determined by the severity of the cellulite and your aesthetic goals.

    Nonetheless, it is essential to understand that Avéli is a one-time procedure. Therefore, there are no additional sessions to pay for.

    Avéli Cellulite Treatment Near Me

    If you are in Santa Monica or Los Angeles, make an appointment with us to get treated with Avéli. Our team of professionals can guarantee to reduce the appearance of your cellulite and achieve the results you desire.

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