Microblading Pre & Post Op Instructions

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    Please come to your appointment with your brows grown out. It’s beneficial to see how your hair grows naturally, we can clean them up at your appointment. If you would like to clean them up or tint them beforehand, please do so 7 days prior to your appointment. 

    •If you normally pencil in your brows, please pencil them in how you like. The area will be wiped and re-drawn but this provides a general idea of the shape you like.

    •Reference photos are a great tool, but please keep in mind not everything you see and like is the best for your face shape. We will create a shape that you like, while keeping in  mind what would be best for your specific face shape.

    •You must stop using Retin A or Retinal around your brow area 14 days prior to procedure. You must stop using Accutane six months prior to procedure.

    •Inform your technician of how often you use any of these products before your appointment.  •Botox, Fillers or Dysport must be done at least 14 days prior to or after your appointment. Receiving either within 14 days of your


    You will be given specific aftercare instructions on the day of your appointment.   The morning after your appointment follow the procedure below in the morning upon waking and once before bed. 

    1. Wash hands

    2. Apply a small amount of Cetaphil, baby shampoo, or other non-scented, non-antibacterial soap into fingertips and gently rub together OUTSIDE OF SHOWER.

    3. Wash gently in the direction of hair. It’s a few LIGHT swipes, Just to help remove excess oil and lymph.

    4. Rinse! Cup your hands together with water and rinse to make sure all soap is removed. Do NOT scrub.

    5. Pat dry and clean with a paper towel immediately. Do not let brows stay wet or submerged in water.

    6. Apply aftercare lotion ONLY if brows are flaking and itching. A small amount the size of a grain of rice is enough. Dry Healing is preferred.

    •Do not perform intense exercise or sweat heavily for 10 days following treatment. 

    •Do not apply make up, cleansers or strong skin care products on the area for two weeks until the shedding of the skin is finished and no sign of scab. 

    •Light flaking and shedding might occur after the first 10 days of healing. Let scabs flake naturally and do not peel or scratch at the area.

    •Do not book Facials or Peels for 4 weeks following your procedure. You must wait a minimum of 14 days after your appointment to receive Botox, Fillers or Dysport. 

    •Stay out of the sun, tanning booths, sauna, steam room, pools, hot tubs, recreational water activities and direct contact with animals on procedure area until healed and no sign of scab (about 10 – 14 days).

    •Avoid direct water pressure on the tattoo in the shower until you are fully healed and there is no sign of scab. Try to keep the area as dry as possible, aside from washing, for the first 10 days.

    •Sun exposure, chemical peels, microdermabrasion, bleaching products, Retin A, dyes or tinting will fade the tattoo over the years.

    •Contact your doctor immediately if the procedure area shows any symptoms or sign of infection, including,  but not limited to red streaks going from the procedure site towards the heart, elevated body temperature, or purulent drainage from the procedure site. Small amount of lymph for the first few hours is normal.

    •Do not pick or scratch at scabs, let brows heal naturally. 

    • The area may appear more swollen the next morning, this is normal and will subside throughout the day. 

    **It is normal to lose up to 40% of your pigment during the healing process. This is why perfecting sessions are critical.


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