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    Professional powder brows in Santa Monica

    Although makeup can make your eyebrows look stunning, applying it takes time, effort, skills, and a lot of products.

    Nowadays, it is possible to make your eyebrows look perfect using contemporary techniques without needing makeup or any products. Using the powder brows technique will make your eyebrows can look flawless 24/7.

    Make your eyebrows look like they have been done by a professional makeup artist

    Getting powder brows is all you need to do if you want to achieve the perfect eyebrow makeup look. Our certified permanent makeup artist can create a high-quality look that matches your face perfectly and drastically improves your appearance.

    Book an appointment with us to begin your journey to perfect eyebrows. We make sure to enhance your appearance and fulfill your expectations.

    What are powder brows?

    Powder brows is a technique used to improve the eyebrow’s appearance through a semi-permanent tattoo.

    It is similar to microblading. However, the power brows’ goal is to create a slightly less natural appearance. At the same time, it provides a look more like if the person is wearing makeup or brows pencil.

    This technique was designed mainly for people who are not happy with their eyebrow’s appearance and spend too much time perfecting them with makeup.

    Nonetheless, this tattoo is done using a specialized machine with fewer needles than a regular tattoo machine. These needles don’t penetrate the skin as deep as with a conventional tattoo. Therefore, the ink begins to fade away, and the color slightly changes after a few years. For this reason, patients usually need to retouch their semi-permanent eyebrows tattoos to ensure they keep looking as intended.

    An essential characteristic of powder brows is that, usually, the certified permanent eyebrow makeup artist uses different ink colors to make a slight color gradient. This creates a makeup-like appearance that looks professional. Nonetheless, the colors selected match those of your eyebrows to make them look balanced and aesthetically pleasing.

    How is it done?

    The process of getting powder brows in Santa Monica is simple. After making an appointment with our specialists, they discuss the case with you. It is essential to discuss your expectations, the result you want to achieve, and the flaws you don’t like.

    Once everything is cleared on both ends, our specialist proceeds to make an eyebrow mapping. This helps you get an idea of the shape your eyebrows will have after the powder brows are done. Moreover, this also allows you to participate by giving feedback on the eyebrow’s design.

    Afterward, the specialists begin tattooing the eyebrows. This technique consists of tattooing multiple tinny dots of different sizes to create an effect of a powdered brow. This effect looks similar to using an eyebrow pencil.

    Although the ink color is intended to match your natural eyebrows’ color, the specialist uses a gradient of colors. They are usually done with a darker color at the start of the eyebrow, which fades to a lighter coloration as it progresses further away.

    Once the specialists finish tattooing your eyebrows, you are free to go home.

    How much is it?

    The cost is divided into two parts: the initial session and the perfecting session.

    The initial session cost $650. It covers the mapping, the procedure, and anything related to it.

    The perfecting session is an extra session that is highly recommended to appoint after 2 months from the initial session. This session costs $100 and is designed to make the final adjustments to the eyebrows. It should be done after 2 months have passed. This way, the eyebrows had enough time to heal, and the ink settled. This way, the specialist can evaluate the results and look for any detail that might need to be fixed or retouched.

    What is recovery like?

    The recovery is similar to a regular tattoo. However, due to its small size, it is quicker and simpler.

    Patients might feel slight discomfort immediately after the session. This is accompanied by swelling, redness, and tenderness on the eyebrows and around them. This is caused by the damage inflicted by the needles and usually lasts between 24 and 48 hours.

    The days following the session are vital, and the care taken during that first week can determine the quality of the healing and the results.

    After the swelling subdues, it is common to experience flaking in the eyebrows area. However, it disappears after the skin has completely healed.

    Patients are recommended not to take direct sunlight on the area as the skin is still healing and can be easily injured. Furthermore, it is more prone to developing blisters.

    Another important recommendation is to try to avoid sweating and maintaining the eyebrows dry. Sweat can interfere with the healing process and make it slower. For this reason, avoiding any situation that might make you sweat profusely is essential, such as being in a sauna or working out.

    Lastly, the skin can begin to feel a bit itchy. This is an entirely normal reaction, but it is essential not to scratch your eyebrows. Doing so can injure the skin and affect the tattoo and healing.

    The expected time for the skin to be healed is often 2 weeks. After that, there shouldn’t be any other issues or discomfort on your eyebrows. Therefore, you can retake your daily life without any special care.

    Does it hurt?

    No. The procedure is painless since there are fewer needles than a regular tattoo, and they don’t penetrate as deep inside the skin.

    Furthermore, numbing cream is used to prevent any possible discomfort you could experience. The specialist might even apply more cream to the eyebrows if you start feeling something midway.

    What results can you expect?

    Patients can expect fuller eyebrows with the design they want. The effect it produces creates a makeup-like appearance as if they were done by a professional makeup artist using a brow pen and shades.

    The results can last up to 2 years before the color begins to fade, and a retouch is needed.

    Who is a good candidate?

    Patients with any type of skin are good candidates for powder brows. Even people with oily skin can enjoy the benefits of this technique.

    Due to how it is performed, oily skin doesn’t interfere with the ink or the results.

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