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RHA Filler in Santa Monica

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    Did you know that facial wrinkling can start as early as your 20s?

    Your face is dynamic and always in motion. Whether you’re grinning, squinting, laughing, or frowning, these facial movements can create fine lines and wrinkles. Although you can use fillers like Botox to treat these dynamic wrinkles, they can leave your face looking stiff and unnatural.

    Luckily, the new and advanced RHA filler can treat dynamic wrinkles without making your face look stiff. They adapt to your natural facial movements, helping you achieve a natural and youthful look—whether your face is at rest or in motion.

    The RHA collection of fillers is now available at your Santa Monica Med Spa. Get treated today at Younique Medical Spa.

    Watch Dr. Mark Youssef explain the benefits of the RHA Filler Collection. See real results from real patients getting the RHA Filler in cheeks, lips, nasolabial fold, smile lines, and more.

    What is RHA Filler?

    Designed to resemble your body’s natural HA, Resilient Hyaluronic Acid dermal fillers are a new anti-aging treatment made by Teoxane. It’s FDA-approved to treat dynamic facial wrinkles and folds. They’re more resilient, helping smooth and contour even the most wrinkle-prone areas on your face.

    Types of RHA Fillers

    The RHA collection consists of three different types of fillers. Each of these fillers is specifically formulated to treat different areas of your face. Also, the RHA filler you use will depend on the severity of your facial wrinkling. They include:

    RHA 2

    Are your dynamic wrinkles just beginning to appear? RHA 2 may be the right filler for you. It’s designed to treat surface wrinkles like lip lines, forehead lines, glabella lines, and crow’s feet. Your cosmetic specialist will inject the RHA 2 filler into the mid-to-deep dermis to eliminate these dynamic wrinkles and lines.

    RHA 3

    For more severe dynamic wrinkles like nasolabial folds and perioral lines, you should use the RHA 3 filler. You can also use it for lines that form at the corners of your mouth as well as cheek and lip augmentation. It’s also injected into the mid-to-deep dermis to smooth your cheeks and make your lips and midface more voluminous.

    RHA 4

    The RHA 4 is the most robust dermal filler as it treats the deepest creases and folds. It’s injected into the deep dermis to the superficial subcutaneous tissue of your face, allowing it to correct deep skin depressions where wrinkles have formed. It can also add volume to your cheeks, creating the appearance of high cheekbones.

    How is the RHA Filler Procedure Performed?

    Looking to get RHA filler in Los Angeles? Here’s what you can expect during your procedure in our anti-aging clinic:

    Step 1: Consultation: Your cosmetic specialist will examine your face and discuss your goals during your consultation. They’ll also let you know how much filler you may use and in what areas. It’ll help them customize your treatment.

    Step 2: Get the RHA Filler Injection: The doctor will apply your RHA filler with a small needle at the pre-planned areas. The RHA fillers contain a small amount of lidocaine—a local anesthetic—to minimize discomfort.

    Upon your request, your cosmetician will offer topical numbing cream and ProNox—laughing gas. The treatment can last for 30 to 40 minutes.

    Step 3: Recovery: After the injection, they can offer a post-treatment cooling agent. You will notice the results as soon as possible. You may also experience some swelling or bruising that will require minimal downtime.

    What are the benefits of RHA Fillers?

    There are many injectable fillers on the market you can use. But here are reasons why you should opt for RHA fillers instead of the rest.

    FDA-Approved: RHA is FDA-approved and considered cleaner than traditional HA fillers like Juvéderm and Restylane. This is because they require less processing, making them more similar to the natural hyaluronic acid produced in your body. As a result, most people tend to be less reactive to RHA fillers since your body can perceive them as less foreign.

    Less Invasive: Unlike surgical procedures, RHA fillers are less invasive. Your doctor will only use a small needle to apply the treatment. What’s more, these fillers contain an anesthetic that reduces discomfort during treatment.

    Corrects Deep Creases and Adds More Volume: Are you self-conscious about wrinkles, fine lines, or low cheekbones? RHA fillers can smooth your fine lines and wrinkles, lift your cheekbones, and add more volume to your face.

    Natural Look: Your skin produces less hyaluronic acid over time, affecting the structure and volume of your face. RHA fillers are formulated to more closely mimic the HA to restore your youthful look. They’re more malleable than other fillers and can mold with your facial expressions for a more natural look.

    Long-Lasting: For the average patient, RHA fillers can last for about 15–18 months before they get a repeat injection. This can depend on individual patient factors.

    Reversible Treatment: If you don’t like the results of your RHA fillers, your cosmetic specialists can dissolve them with hyaluronidase within 24 hours.

    What is the Recovery Time for RHA Filler?

    RHA fillers have minimal recovery compared to cosmetic surgery. You may experience minor bruising or swelling that can go away after 1-2 days. These reactions may vary depending on the amount of RHA fillers used, location of injections, your injector’s skill, and more.

    You can reduce the swelling with an ice pack. It’s also recommended you avoid direct pressure to the affected areas and any strenuous physical activity for a few days.

    What are the risks and side effects RHA Filler?

    There are very few risks and side effects to receiving RHA filler injections. To minimize the risks of potential complications, your doctor should perform a thorough consultation to ensure you are a good candidate for these fillers.

    Some possible side effects may include:

    • Redness
    • Bruising
    • Swelling
    • Tingling
    • Numbness
    • Tenderness
    • Itching
    • Anaphylactic reaction for people with severe allergies

    RHA Filler Frequently Asked Questions

    Still not sure about RHA fillers? Here are quick answers to frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease: 

    How long do RHA Fillers last?

    They can last for approximately 15 to 18 months, depending on your age, lifestyle, and area treated.

    What results can I expect?

    After treatment, you’ll experience a wrinkle-free face, lifted cheeks, and more voluminous lips.

    Which RHA Filler is right for me?

    There are 3 RHA fillers—RHA 2, RHA 3, and RHA 4. You can use one of the fillers depending on your treatment areas and the severity of wrinkles.

    Can RHA Fillers be undone?

    Yes, you can easily dissolve them with hyaluronidase.

    Los Angeles Plastic Surgery Clinic: Achieve a Natural, Youthful Look

    Looking to get a dynamic RHA filler that moves naturally with your facial expressions?

    Look no further than Younique Surgery Center and Medical Spa. Whether you want to enhance your lips, smooth away fine lines and wrinkles, or lift your cheeks, we have the right injectable for you. Apart from non-surgical treatments, we also offer advanced cosmetic surgery.

    Contact us today to learn more.

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    Dr. Youssef and the Younique staff are amazing. Clean office, professional staff and even better results. Younique did a great job with my Los Angeles RHA Filler and I could not be happier. Highly recommended.


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