Surprising Benefits of the Tummy Tuck

Abdominoplasty, generally referred to as the tummy tuck, is a Beverly Hills secret to maintaining an incredibly taut midsection. A beauty trend enjoyed by many men and women in Hollywood and beyond, the tummy tuck surgery creates svelte silhouettes by cinching in stretched abdominal muscles and removing excess tissue from the abdomen.

While the tummy tuck is known for helping new mothers and those who have undergone weight loss ease into traditionally aesthetic figures, this procedure is less known for its staggering health benefits. Abdominoplasty has been known to improve posture, ease lower back pain, and correct hernias; all of which allow recipients to look and feel better.

Dr. Mark Youssef of Younique Cosmetic Surgery routinely performs tummy tuck surgeries on patients in the Beverly Hills area. In addition to lending to a healthier self-image, Dr. Youssef has found that a tummy tuck can help improve a patient’s posture. Often, tummy tuck hopefuls experience perpetually swollen abdominal muscles, brought on by either multiple pregnancies or extreme weight loss. This procedure tightens weak, distended muscles and removes excess fat and skin around the midsection. In addition to flattening the abdomen, a tummy tuck strengthens the muscles surrounding the spine, which improves back support, and therefore, improves posture.

Increased back support and posture lessens the presence of lordosis, or back sway. Back sway manifests as an inward curvature of the spine in the lower back, and often brought on by obesity or pregnancy. A tummy tuck, which strengthens abdominal muscles, can alleviate the discomfort caused by back sway.

Tummy tucks may also “fix” ventral hernias. These hernias ensue when abdominal tissue or the intestine rips through the weakened abdominal wall, creating an unsightly, painful, protruding sack around one’s midsection. Not surprisingly, the procedure for correcting ventral hernias is notably similar to that of a tummy tuck, as both serve to reinforce feeble abdominal muscles. Those who have suffered from one ventral hernia are likely to form more, as weak abdominal muscles are susceptible to breakage. Doctors will often suggest a tummy tuck for these patients, as the procedure will decrease the chances of hernias forming around the abdomen.

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