Who Is A Good Candidate For The Brazilian Butt Lift?

Find Our If You’re A Good BBL Candidate

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Do You Have To Be A Certain Weight To Get a BBL?

Patients often wonder “how much do you have to weigh to get a bbl“? The ideal candidate for the BBL is normal weight or even slightly overweight in order to ensure that there is enough fat on the body that can be transferred to the butt. Patients who are too thin will not have enough fat for the transfer, and patients who are over a body-mass index of thirty-two are at a higher risk for complications with anesthesia. However, patients in either the too-thin or too-heavy category can consider either gaining or losing weight for the purpose of this surgery. This will be discussed during your consultation.

Can I Get The BBL If I’m Thin?

Because your surgeon has to suction fat from more than one area of your body, he needs to get about 5 pounds of fat so he can re-inject 1 to 2 pounds into your buttocks.

If you do not currently have enough fat, we can discuss the possibility of you gaining some weight for the purpose of the procedure. The surgeon can also discuss butt implants as a last resort.

Choosing The Right Size for Augmentation

If I’m not a good candidate for the BBL, what are my alternatives?

If for any reason you are not deemed a good fit for the BBL, you can consider getting silicone implants or filler injections. However, the BBL will give the best and most long-term results, so this should be the first choice for any patient who qualifies. View all Brazilian butt lift alternatives below:

Other Reasons to Consider a BBL