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It is common to look for treatment options and solutions to help us maintain our youthful appearance as we age.

The different expression lines on the face tend to get more prominent with time, making people look old and often resulting in an undesired image. Although frown lines can be an issue, the development of products containing botulinum toxins such as Dysport has helped millions of people smooth these types of wrinkles. Therefore, making them look younger.

Currently, Dysport is widely used to efficiently treat frown lines. This FDA-approved botulinum toxin product is injected at different areas around the eyebrows and forehead to relax the muscles and soften the wrinkles.

However, as with other similar products, Dysport results are not permanent. Consecutive follow-up applications are required to maintain the results over time.

Although how long it takes for the effect to fade away varies among people, the results can last up to 5 months.

Therefore, we will explain in this article everything you need to know about Dysport.


Dysport Injections

Dysport is administered through injections surrounding the targeted area. Moreover, the doctor may use topical anesthesia to numb the area beforehand.

The product is usually injected into 5 areas around the forehead and eyebrows, so the substance can cover the muscle.

Dysport causes the muscle to temporally relax while also limiting its movement. Therefore, smoothing the wrinkles and making them less noticeable or even disappearing.

Dysport vs Botox

Both neuromodulators produce outstanding results and possess the same primary active ingredient.

However, the difference relies on the proteins in their formula. Dysport possesses a protein that helps it diffuse further into the muscles. Especially when compared to Botox after being injected.

Furthermore, Dysport results appear faster, achieving noticeable improvement after only 2-3 days.

Dysport Before & Afters

One of the main characteristics of Dysport is the natural results it provides. 97% of its users refer to having achieved natural-looking results after undergoing the treatment for 6 months.

Moreover, studies conducted on patients with moderate to severe frown lines treated with Dysport reported considerable improvements. The frown lines in most patients either disappeared entirely or decreased their severity to mil


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