How To Tell If Your Nose is Too Big?

Often people find themselves looking in the mirror or at photos and thinking something seems to be a little bit off. The reason usually resides in the main focal point of the face: The nose.

Although every person has a similar facial structure, hundreds of little details and features make everyone unique. This results in some people thinking their nose is bigger than others or a shape that they do not find aesthetically pleasing.

Fortunately, our plastic surgeons at Younique are trained to evaluate every little detail of your nose. They can assess if your nose is too big or needs a modification. As a result, they can help you achieve a nose that will enhance your appearance while being balanced and proportional.

In this article, we’ll explain how to identify if your nose is too big and which are the solutions for it.

What is the Perfect Nose Size?

The nose is a tridimensional structure that sits in front of the face. It is the main focal point, and the way it relates to other facial structures, such as the eyes and mouth, plays a vital role in facial harmony.

The nose possesses different angles, planes, and elements of different sizes and shapes that determine whether it is big, small, or symmetrical.

In general, it can be divided into three main measures:

  • Length: This is obtained by measuring the nose from the root, located at the top of it, between the eyebrows, to the tip of the nose.
  • Width: The width can be obtained by measuring the nose from side to side on a frontal plane.
  • Height: The height indicates how much the nose projects forwards into space.

It is essential to understand that these measures are intertwined. This means that making drastic changes in one aspect can affect the other. Therefore, it is vital to get an excellent and dexterous surgeon who can balance every aspect to achieve the most favorable result.

Is My Nose Too Big or Small for My Face?

Different standard parameters can be employed to determine whether a nose is too large, wide, or disproportioned. 

The height of the nose is usually ⅔ of its length. Moreover, the length is typically between 2 – 2.2 inches.

If a vertical line is drawn across the face, it can be divided into 3 thirds with the same measure.

The first third would go from the base of the hairline to the brow. The second third goes from the brow and nose root to the nose tip. Finally, the last one goes from the nose tip to the chin.

In other words, in a well-balanced face, the length of the nose should be ⅓ of the size of the face.

A similar system can be used to determine the width of the well-balanced nose. The face can be divided into 5 exact fifths, each one the width of one eye. Therefore, the width of the nose should be the same width of an eye.

If any of these aspects surpass the standard measurements, the nose could be considered disproportionate or big.

However, these measures are only to be used as a reference. Slight variations are normal and don’t necessarily mean imperfection.

How To Fix a Big Nose

A Los Angeles rhinoplasty surgery can be performed to change the shape of the nose. However,  as the nose is measured in different planes, different procedures can be performed on a rhinoplasty according to the change you want to make. If a patient wanted to go the non-surgical route, thi sis also available with a non-surgical nose job procedure.

However, it is essential to understand that these surgical procedures can be performed in two different ways:

  • Open rhinoplasty: The surgeon separates the skin from the nose, exposing the bone and cartilage to make the necessary adjustment.
  • Closed rhinoplasty: is a less invasive procedure. The incision is performed inside the nose without peeling off the skin. It can be used to perform less extensive changes.

Our surgeons are trained in both techniques and are capable of delivering the best results. By making an appointment, they can determine which one is the best option for you.

According to what you might want to change, the surgeon can perform the following procedures during the rhinoplasty::

  • Length:

The length can be shortened through a caudal septal resection. This procedure consists in shortening the septal cartilage. Furthermore, the cartilage at the tip of the nose can be rotated up and back.

  • Height:

The height can be reduced by a dorsal reduction. This consists of removing tissue from the nose’s bridge.

The projection of the tip of the nose can also be reduced by overlapping the central cartilage. Another alternative is the dissection of the nose tip, which decreases the nose’s projection by releasing some of the skin attachments and placing the cartilage back.

Furthermore, these tip cartilages possess an element called crura which extends to both the side of the nose and the columella, the tissue that divides both nostrils. Thereby, splitting these crura allows for reducing the height of the nose.

  • Width:

You can perform a bone osteotomy to reduce the width of the nose. This procedure consists in cutting and reducing the bone. Afterward, the middle cartilages are placed closer together through stitches in a procedure called upper lateral cartilage refinement.

Moreover, the width of the nose tip can also be reduced by removing bowed cartilage and stitching it together.

Lastly, nostrils are also essential and can be modified as well. A procedure called alarplasty can be performed to change the size of the nostrils. Through it, a small portion of skin is removed from the nostrils. This also helps them be more symmetrical.

How to Fix a Big Nose at Home

Although rhinoplasty is the most efficient way to change the shape of the nose, there are other non-surgical alternatives. These solutions include using makeup techniques such as contouring or getting fillers to even bumps and imperfections. However, these options offer only a temporary solution. Contrary to the permanent effects of rhinoplasty.

If you are not sure how to fix your nose and make it perfect, our plastic surgeons can guide you through the process and help you determine what changes would look good on you.