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    We are aware that there are several cosmetic surgeons to select from when it comes to making a decision. Our commitment to our patients in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas distinguishes us from the competition. During your visit, we will do all to ensure that you have a pleasant experience and that you depart with precisely what you were looking for. Our objective is to give patients cutting-edge, result-oriented cosmetic operations while also delivering the greatest degree of customer care possible to ensure a positive patient experience.

    We are committed to assisting you in achieving all of your aesthetic objectives.

    Dr Mark Youssef maintains a strong local emphasis while also drawing on foreign experience. As a diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery, he’s a well-known laser lip-sculpture specialist. This procedure targets regions of fat that exercise and nutrition alone cannot eliminate. We are confident in our abilities to help you attain renewed confidence, a better lifestyle and enhance your overall wellbeing by combining Dr Youssef’s surgical skills with cutting-edge equipment and technology.

    What is Jeuveau Treatment In Santa Monica?

    Jeuveau is the newest neuromodulator designed exclusively for aesthetic applications, prompting the coining of the term #newtox. It was authorized by the FDA in 2019, making it the first injectable to get approval in more than 10 years. Jeuveau has developed ‘Hi-Pure’ technology, which is superior to existing neuromodulator injectables. This allows Jeuveau to function more effectively by interfering with the connection between the nerve terminal and its target muscle.

    Patients might expect to notice benefits in as little as two to three days. Young people, namely millennials, who seek to avoid the early indications of aging are targeted by Jeuveau, which advertises itself as an injector for them. It is often used to minimize the appearance of forehead and frown lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, and other fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

    How does Jeuveau work?

    After your consultation, your therapist will develop a treatment plan that will be implemented during your therapy session. The following steps are often followed while doing Jeuveau: 

    • Your provider will remove any makeup or other cosmetics you may have applied to the treatment area.
    • They will inject Jeuveau into five places around your frown lines, utilizing multiple little injections to get the desired results.
    • It might take up to 15 minutes to complete the procedure. Once the injections are done, you will be able to depart immediately with no downtime necessary.
    • The botulinum toxin begins to work immediately, relaxing the underlying muscles and smoothing out the look of your frown lines. You may see minor improvements straight away, with more significant improvements appearing in approximately a week.

    Is Jeuveau in Santa Monica right for me?

    Jeuveau treatment in Santa Monica may be excellent options if you are worried about moderate to severe wrinkles. This therapy is comparable in cost and duration; thus, the most appropriate therapy for you will be determined by your specific preferences.

    In contrast to cosmetic surgery, wrinkle injections do not need downtime after the procedure. You are free to return to work and continue your daily activities. However, avoid massaging the location of your injections to prevent the active components from spreading and causing adverse reactions.

    Typically, the effects of botulinum toxin injections will fade off on their own within a few weeks to many months. A fresh round of injections will be necessary to preserve your results, but you should wait at least three months for a trusted Source between each treatment.

    What are the benefits of Jeuveau In Santa Monica?

    The aesthetic advantages obtained through this procedure are the most significant. Patients are rewarded with a more youthful appearance due to the product’s ability to soften lines and enhance the appearance of wrinkles effectively. Some patients have reported that their wrinkles were relaxed and less apparent as soon as 24 hours following treatment, and virtually all patients will observe effects within two to three days after treatment completion.

    The fact that it works overtime to prevent your muscles from doing particular actions means that new wrinkles may be avoided as a side effect of this therapy. This noninvasive therapy does not need surgical intervention, resulting in no downtime and minimum pain.

    Patients can return to their normal activities shortly after receiving the injections. Finally, benefits are seen quickly after therapy and continue to be visible for many months following treatment. The cost of this product may be somewhat cheaper than the cost of comparable botulinum toxin treatments since the FDA has authorized it for cosmetic reasons.

    Is Jeuveau safe?

    At your consultation appointment with one of our dermatologists, we will inspect your skin and discuss treatment options with you. On the other hand, this product is safe for all skin types, so if you’re looking for an injectable alternative to a surgical procedure to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, this may be the product for you.

    Because of the low downtime and pain and the improved effects seen in a short period, this product has a high rate of return for many persons using it. Several patients who have previously had Botox treatments have converted to this new medicine because of the multiple advantages.

    What areas can Jeuveau treat?

    This treatment, which was first developed to treat glabellar lines, or wrinkles on the forehead between your eyes, has now been a rival to other injectables. Since it was permitted for cosmetic use, this substance has been widely utilized off-label to treat many face regions that desperately need an anti-ageing rescue, including the eyes. It is possible to soften, smoothen, and enhance the appearance of lines that have grown due to smoking, laughing, or frowning, among other things. You will need two to three treatments each year to maintain your desired results since it is a brief therapy.

    What is the difference between Jeuveau and Botox treatment in Santa Monica?

    Both Botox and Jeuveau include the active component botulinum toxin type A found in both products. Essentially, this is a neurotoxin that acts by relaxing muscles under the skin’s surface. Whenever these sorts of injections are used as a wrinkle treatment, they help to give the skin a smoother, more youthful look.

    Botox was authorized for cosmetic usage for the first time in 2002. Treatment for frown lines or glabellar lines (the creases between your brows), horizontal forehead lines, and crow’s feet are some conditions that you may treat with it (wrinkles at the corners of your eyes).

    Several different forms of botulinum toxin A products, notably Jeuveau, have been created since the product’s introduction to the market. Because Jeuveau has been on the market for a shorter period, the FDA has only authorized it to treat glabellar lines at this time.

    An individual doctor may opt to utilize Jeuveau to treat other areas of the face and body, but this would be considered off-label use of a trusted Source since it hasn’t been investigated and isn’t allowed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    While both injections contain the same active substance, the particular formulations of the two injections differ somewhat. Determining whether to use Botox or Jeuveau may be a matter of trial and error. Some individuals prefer one over the other, while others react equally well.

    However, if you are new to botulinum toxin injections and seek a more affordable way to get started, Jeuveau may be a better choice. It’s also the most effective treatment option for glabellar lines and wrinkles. Botox is used to treat these similar wrinkles and other forms of face lines and wrinkles.

    What are the risks and side effects of Jeuveau?

    While Jeuveau is generally regarded as a risk-free wrinkle treatment, it is not without its drawbacks. It’s important to discuss all possible side effects and major dangers with your healthcare professional before beginning treatment.

    The following are some of the most common negative effects that may occur at the injection site:

    • bruising
    • redness
    • pain
    • headaches

    Some people may get drooping eyelids or upper respiratory infections due to Jeuveau. Botulism is a disease that may occur when these injections spread to other regions of the body. This may result in several uncommon but significant dangers, including:

    The onset of symptoms may not occur for many days after treatment. Thus, it is critical to be vigilant for several days following your session. Inform your healthcare practitioner of any underlying medical conditions you may be experiencing and any drugs, herbs, or supplements you are taking.

    People who have cardiovascular problems may not be good candidates for Jeuveau therapy. The injections may interact with muscle relaxants.

    What is the Jeuveau recovery process?

    Most applicants have just minor side effects that last no more than 24 hours. Swelling, discomfort, and redness are minimal and disappear quickly after the operation, allowing most people to resume their normal activities soon after the injections.

    If you have any more concerns regarding Jeuveau or Botox, or whether you’re not sure if you’re a suitable candidate for either of these procedures, we invite you to arrange a consultation with us at Younique Cosmetic Surgery. Call us or use our online contact form to contact us. We are looking forward to meeting with you.

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