Build Your Custom Treatment Plan

The path for your Younique journey begins with this first step.


Treatment Builder CTA

Content on the left, two phone images on the right, background image in the back. Can use global settings.

Label Name Type Notes
Global Component message
Content treatment_builder_cta_content wysiwyg
Phone Image treatment_builder_cta_phone_image image
Background Image treatment_builder_cta_background_image_id image (Clone of Utility : Image)
Background Image Focus Point treatment_builder_cta_background_image_focus_point button_group (Clone of Utility : Image)
Background Image Fit treatment_builder_cta_background_image_fit select (Clone of Utility : Image)
Background Lazy Load treatment_builder_cta_background_image_loading true_false (Clone of Utility : Image)
Top Background Color treatment_builder_cta_top_background_color select
Bottom Background Color treatment_builder_cta_bottom_background_color select