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When people hear the term, “dermaplaning” they are usually reminded of the skin treatment known as dermabrasion, where a whisk-like tool is used to break down the skin to the dermis, leaving a potential for infection or scarring. However, dermaplaning is a different procedure entirely, and is completely safe.

What Is A Dermaplaning Facial?

To perform this facial, a scalpel is used to lightly remove the epidermis, as well as any hair on the face. The scalpel is scraped across the skin in light strokes, leaving behind a soft, clean, and supple layer of skin. Hair, or peach fuzz, can trap oils and dirt on the skin, causing it to look discolored and perpetually shiny. This dirt cannot be lifted with an exfoliating soap from the drug store, so it can cause great frustration for many. When this hair is removed, the skin is left looking fresh and healthy.

Dermaplaning Benefits

There are many benefits to getting a dermaplaning facial. Those that are nursing or pregnant cannot get acid peel facials, for fear that the chemicals could enter the bloodstream and negatively affect the child or fetus. For these women, dermaplaning treatment is and ideal option for deeply exfoliating their skin without putting their child in harm’s way. Additionally, patients with abundant hair on their face are likely to pick dermaplaning as a first choice to remove the hair.

A common myth is that the more hair is shaved, the darker and thicker it will grow back. This is not true, as the hair will grow grow back no darker or thicker than before, as well as at the same rate. Another benefit of removing this hair is that it allows makeup to go on smoother and more evenly.

Dermaplaning Treatment

Dermaplaning can also be combined with other treatments, including Chemical Peels or Acid Peels. Because the external layer of skin has been removed, any treatment used afterward will be able to penetrate the skin more effectively. For example, an acid peel that originally needs to be left on the skin for five minutes without “dermaplaning treatment” may only need to be applied for a much shorter two minutes. The results of these peels also prove to be more effective when paired with this treatment.

Before And After Treatment

Puffiness and redness are to be expected immediately after treatment, but go down quickly. Because the skin does not go through trauma with this procedure, it can be repeated several times throughout the year.

Skin Med Spa Dermaplaning Before And After

Dermaplaning Cost

The cost of a dermaplaning facial can vary depending on whether it is combined with other treatments or not. On average, prices range from med spa to med spa, depending on the services received. Younique Cosmetic is the best place to get Dermaplaning in Los Angeles.

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