Brazilian Butt Lift vs. Buttock Implants

Are Buttock Implants Or A BBL Right For You

There are pros and cons of both a Brazilian Butt Lift and Implants. Discuss the best choice for your body with a Doctor.

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Buttock Implants or Brazilian Butt Lift

Implants are the generally accepted Plan B. For this procedure, we surgically place a solid silicone implant just above or inside the gluteal muscle on each side. We insert the implant through an incision in the crease of the buttocks, or “butt crack”. Once it’s in place, the buttocks looks more full and round. One benefit of having an implant is that you have a lot of control over the size of your augmentation. The size and shape of the implant is not dependent on the amount of fat you are currently carrying elsewhere. (Of course, your ideal will still be based on your unique body type and proportions.

Times when BBL is not possible:

However, getting implants is only a semi-permanent procedure, as they may need to be replaced in future. In addition, there are several risks associated with implants, which is why the go-to procedure will always be the BBL for qualified patients.

These risks include:

  • Infection
  • Malposition of the implant
  • Pain after surgery
  • Capsular contracture
  • Infection

The biggest concern with getting implants is the possibility of infection. The incision for the implant is made inside the butt crack, which is uncomfortably close to your “back door.” This area of your body is teaming with bacteria. It can be a challenge to keep the incision adequately cleaned and protected during the healing process. There are that almost one-third of butt implant patients have to have the implant removed because of infection or a seroma—a large, painful pocket of fluid that forms around the implant.

Capsular Contracture

One of the biggest risks for an implant is that it’s a foreign object to the body. Since the implant is manmade, it is not as thoroughly assimilated into your body as your own fat. That means it will always be a foreign object resting in the buttocks. Whenever there is an implant or foreign substance in the body, the body creates a shell around it called a capsule. These capsules hold the implant in place. Ideally, this layer of tissue stays soft and supple, but sometimes it tightens over time, which compacts the object and makes it feel hard. This is called capsular contracture. If this happens, you are no longer going to be sitting on soft, squishy implants. You will be sitting on rocks. Ouch!

Malposition of the Implant

Capsules can become wide or loose, which can sometimes cause the implant to move. In 2014, there were rumors and pictures reporting that celebrity Blac Chyna suffered an implant mishap when one of her implants flipped upside down. Although it is uncommon, this can happen. In addition, getting implants is only a semi-permanent procedure, as they may need to be replaced several years later.

Pain After Surgery

There is significantly more pain during recovery after getting implants because the surgeon needs to stretch and pull the gluteus muscles in order to get the placement just right. This makes the area very sore, and any movement that requires the butt muscles is very painful (you use them more than you think!).