Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures Explained

All plastic surgery is not alike. There is a vast difference between the types of plastic surgery that occur below the neck and what is considered facial plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgery is in and of itself its own separate type of plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery, in general, usually falls into one of the following medical procedural categories:

*Reconstructive or revision surgery: a procedure is done in order to adjust or repair an aspect of the body that is not performing properly or has been damaged in one way or another. For example, a plastic surgeon may conduct a procedure for a patient who has been injured in an automobile accident in order to reset and reconstruct the nose in order to open or widen the patient’s breathing passageway. Other surgeries are called revision surgeries as they correct what are considered “botched” cosmetic surgeries from previous procedures.

*Aesthetic or cosmetic surgery: where a surgical procedure or enhancements are performed in order to provide a patient with a desired appearance. These types of facial plastic surgery procedures typically include well known cosmetic surgical procedures like facelifts and nose jobs.

Facial plastic surgery includes both reconstructive and cosmetic surgical procedures. Potential patients should consult a plastic surgeon with an extensive history in performing facial plastic surgery procedures in order to find out more about facial plastic surgery options and the procedures available. A consultation with a specialist is a great starting point for anyone considering any type of plastic surgery, including facial plastic surgery.