Daxxify vs Botox

The world of cosmetic medicine is filled with a wide range of products and treatment options. This has made it possible to improve the appearance of any aesthetic flaw or defect a person might have.

Nowadays, facial wrinkles are one of the people’s biggest concerns as they age. Although they are entirely normal, they can make the person look older. Moreover, this can often result in an undesired appearance.

However, doctors have been able to solve this issue for a long time using Botox and other products with Botulinum Toxin Type A. Although these products can deliver excellent results, the recent development of Daxxify Revance offers a new alternative to anyone who wants to get rid of frown lines.

In this article, we’ll discuss the difference between Botox and Daxxify and help you choose the right option for you.

What is Botulinum Toxin Type A?

Botulinum toxin type A is the main ingredient of some wrinkle treatment products. This active ingredient is responsible for smoothing the lines’ appearance on the skin. Also, it gained popularity through its use in Botox’s formula.

It is also the active ingredient in Daxxify Revance. Therefore, both products have similar characteristics.

Botulinum toxin type A is a poisonous protein produced by a bacteria called Bacterium Clostridium. This protein acts as a neurotoxin that blocks communication between neurons or nerve cells. As a result, they don’t transmit the signal that makes the muscles contract. Nonetheless, Botulinum protein must be stabilized with another ingredient, so it can be safely used.

Usually, wrinkles are caused by different aspects, such as loss of skin elasticity and less oil production in the skin. However, muscle contractions accentuate the wrinkles.

Since Botulinum blocks the communication between nerve and muscle, it remains relaxed, reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Both Botox and Daxxify share this principle. However, the ingredients they use to stabilize botulinum are different.

What is Daxxify Revance?

Daxxify is a contemporary product designed to treat frown lines. It is produced by the company Revance. Furthermore, it is effective in treating moderate to severe wrinkles.

The treatment consists of performing a series of injections above the eyebrows. These injections contain a product that relaxes the muscle temporarily upon contact.

What makes Daxxify unique and different from Botox is the way it stabilizes its Botulinum toxin.

Botox uses human serum albumin as a stabilizer. This is a byproduct that needs to be obtained from human blood. On the contrary, Daxxify uses a peptide as the stabilizer for Botulinum. This gives it high stability and allows the treatment results to last longer.

Difference Between Daxxify and Botox

Although both Daxxify and Botox have similar characteristics, there are a few differences that must be considered, such as:

●     Which one lasts longer (Daxxify or Botox):

Daxxify results last longer than Botox. Traditionally, botox results last for 4 months. Meanwhile, Daxxify lasts for 6 months on average.

●     Treatment areas:

Currently, Daxxify is designed to treat frown lines. This makes this option less versatile.

On the other hand, Botox can treat a wide variety of areas, such as frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet, bunny lines, hooded eyes, and more.

●     Ingredients:

Both Daxxify and Botox have Botulinum toxin type A. However, their formulas and other ingredients are different. Whereas Botox uses human albumin as a stabilizer, Daxxify uses a peptide.

●     Number of units per treatment:

The maximum number of units permitted per treatment for Daxxify is 40. Meanwhile, the maximum number of units allowed for Botox is 20.

Nonetheless, the maximum number of units of both options deliver the same 0,18 nanograms of botulinum. The difference relies on the other elements in the formulas.

Aside from these differences, Daxxify and Botox are highly similar. They both can produce outstanding results and share similar risks and side effects.

Daxxify’s FDA Approval

Daxxify by Revance is completely safe and was thoroughly tested before being released.

Furthermore, Daxxify was approved by the FDA in September 2022 as a treatment for frown wrinkles in adults.

The treatment was tested and evaluated in a clinical study that involved 2,800 people. This included adults of all ages and with different skin types.

During this study, most people reported an improvement in their wrinkles’ appearance that lasted for 6 months. No serious health issues were manifested in any patient.

However, there are a few mild side effects associated with the injections. These side effects include bruising, swelling, and redness in the injection area. Nonetheless, these symptoms resolve on their own after a couple of days. Additionally, they don’t cause any significant inconvenience or discomfort.

How Long Does Daxxify Last?

Daxxify is intended to last up to 6 months on average. However, some people have manifested an improvement in the frown lines that lasted up to 9 months.

During the study, 80% of the patients had no wrinkles or only minimally noticeable lines after 4 months. After 6 months, half of the patients still had no wrinkles.

In this large study, 5% of the patients remained wrinkle-free after 9 months. However, 17% of the patients in another clinical study manifested no wrinkles or only minor ones after 9 months.

Also, the Daxxify effect not only lasts long but also acts quickly. The initial signs of frown line improvements tend to show after just one or two days. However, the most noticeable changes usually occur after 2 weeks.

Where to Get Daxxify?

Daxxify is still new in the market, and not many providers offer the treatment.

Fortunately, Daxxify is available at Younique in Santa Monica (visit our Daxxify Los Angeles webpage) and Oxnard, CA (visit our Daxxify Oxnard webpage). Our doctors are already trained to provide this latest treatment option safely to any patient with issues with frown lines. Also, they can evaluate your case and give you the best solutions to your needs while explaining in more detail what the treatment entails.

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