If you’re contemplating a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL), it’s important to know how long the results are likely to last. Fortunately, in many cases, once initial healing has taken place, the final results may last for many years. Find out what steps to take to maximize the chances that your BBL will last a lifetime!

How Long Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Last?

You can expect a BBL to last for several years, and even in some cases, several decades. The longevity of your BBL results are dependent on the way your buttocks is treated during the recovery process.

Find Out If Your BBL Is Permanent

Throughout the entire lifetime of your BBL, a patient can expect to retain at least 60-70 percent of the initial fat transferred to the buttocks. Your butt will go through a few phases following the BBL procedure, before finally stabilizing in shape and size at around a ninety-days post-surgery time period.

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Life of a BBL & What To Expect

How long does Brazilian Buttock Augmentation last?

The results of a BBL will vary from patient to patient depending on how the buttock is treated after surgery.

In the first two weeks after the graft, your butt will lose up to 40 percent of its initial volume. This is normal, and we overfill in the first place to compensate for this. After that, your butt begins to regenerate and produce additional fat cells, which will cause an increase in volume. Finally, everything stabilizes between three and six months.

You can expect a BBL’s results to last for up to several years, and perhaps even several decades depending on how well you treat your buttocks during the recovery process. Your BBL can and will last for decades if you treat your BBL in a way that maximizes your results. Learn how to maximize your BBL’s results.

Is A Brazilian Buttock Lift Permanent?

This is a semi-permanent procedure simply because the nature of your fat is only semi-permanent. Your butt will change over time as it responds to the normal aging process, whether or not you gain or lose substantial amounts of weight, and your overall diet.

For the best BBL results, maintain an active and healthy lifestyle without extreme changes in your weight.

Do the results of a BBL change over time?

A BBL involves injecting purified fat from other areas of the body into the gluteal (butt cheek) area. The fat is removed using advanced liposuction techniques, then purified before being injected where required.

This fat provides the added gluteal enhancement that is the end goal of a BBL procedure. Over the first few months following the procedure, up to 40% of the injected fat may be reabsorbed by the body. This is a natural part of the body’s adaptation to the procedure. Once this has occurred, the volume of fat in the gluteal area will normally remain constant for many years, provided the patient looks after themselves.

Factors that Prolong the Life of a BBL

Maintaining a Constant, Healthy Weight

Ideally, candidates should be close to their ideal body weight before a BBL procedure. Losing or gaining a large amount of weight post-procedure can spoil the shape of the newly contoured and sculpted gluteal area.

Eat a Balanced Diet

To accelerate the healing process, BBL patients should eat a nutritious diet that provides the vitamins and minerals necessary for healing.

Wearing Compression Clothing as Instructed

Following a BBL, you will need to wear an appropriate binder or compression garment for at least six weeks. This helps to promote healing and helps the skin to tighten up. Make sure that the garment is firm, without pinching. Too much pressure can reduce blood flow, which will decrease the rate of healing.

Reduce Pressure on Your Butt!

As already indicated, too much pressure in the early stages of healing can restrict the blood supply to the newly injected fat cells. As fat has a poor blood supply in contrast to other tissues, it’s vital to ensure that blood can move freely as far as possible.

The more time you can spend on your side or tummy, particularly in the early weeks, the more chance there is of your BBL being a lasting success.

Find Out More About How Long Your BBL May Last

Like any other procedure, the length of time a BBL lasts varies considerably from patient to patient. Some people naturally absorb more of the injected fat than others. Rates of healing also vary. To optimize your chances of great results and fast recovery, we recommend using an expert cosmetic surgeon alongside a skilled medical team.

For further information on how long an expertly performed BBL is likely to last, contact the team at Younique Cosmetic Surgery.

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How Long Does The Procedure Take

Will the BBL require additional procedures over the years?

The BBL will potentially last for decades without the need for additional procedures. However, some patients opt to come in during their later years for a lift procedure to combat sagging due to the normal aging process. Others may choose to do occasional skin tightening procedures to maintain their results.