The recovery after a Brazilian Buttock lift generally takes 3-4 weeks before feeling back to normal. From the time of consultation to surgery generally takes about 1-2 months.

BBL Recovery

BBL Recovery Time

Most patients will recover from a BBL within four to six weeks. Remember that although the donor site and injection sites should be healed by six weeks, it’s still important to avoid unnecessary pressure on the gluteal area and refrain from lifting heavy weights for at least eight weeks.

BBL Recovery Week by Week

The BBL recovery timeline is as follows:

  • Return to work: 1-2 weeks after surgery
  • Full Recovery & Post-Operative Consultation: 3-4 weeks after surgery
  • Return to exercise: around 8 weeks post-surgery

What Can I Do To Speed Up My BBL Recovery?

Most people will take somewhere between four to six weeks to recover from their BBL procedure.

After this time, healing should be almost complete, although your body may continue to absorb some of the injected fat for several months after the BBL.

Helpful BBL Resources:

Recovery After Brazilian Butt Lift

You will need to wear your compression garment all the time (day and night) for the first four weeks following surgery, and during the day for at least another four weeks. If in doubt about carrying out a particular activity, check with your surgeon.

How Fast Can I Recover & Return to Work?

There’s a several week surgery recovery period (typically around 3-4 weeks), but many patients feel like they can go back to work within a week.

What Are The BBL Healing Stages?

For the first three days following a BBL, you may feel quite a bit of discomfort and need to take things easy. We recommend having someone with you during this time, to help while you recover from the anesthetic and begin to heal.

During the early stages (first two to three weeks post-procedure), caring for your donor and injection sites, avoiding sitting, and wearing your compression garment are the best ways to accelerate healing.

Three days to around four weeks: This is when you need to pay particular attention to caring for the donor site and the sites of the injections. It’s important to spend as little time as possible sitting down (ideally, just sit to use the restroom and spend the rest of the time on your side or tummy). Take frequent little walks to ensure good blood circulation is maintained.

In the later stages of healing (from about three to six weeks), patients should concentrate on increasing their mobility, gradually reducing their compression time, and establishing the habits needed to maintain their BBL results for as long as possible.

Four weeks onward: Patients should be in the later stages of healing. Depending on progress, it may be possible to begin wearing the compression garment less, as well as resume more of your usual activities.

BBL Recovery Process & Timeline

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Each year, Dr. Mark Youssef sees an increased number of patients that visit his office for a Brazilian Butt Lift, as a way to celebrate the bodies they live in. They embrace their opportunity to choose what nature did not bestow. This is happening in his office and in offices all around the world as the BBL gains in popularity every year.

Dr. Mark Youssef is the author of the book “The Art of the Brazilian Butt Lift: Evolve Your Beauty, Empower Your Life” and is a highly renowned expert BBL surgeon in Los Angeles. If you’d like to schedule a surgery with him, you may do so by completing a form on our Brazilian Butt Lift Los Angeles page.

BBL Recovery varies from patient to patient. In general, the most important things you can do to accelerate the healing process is to look after yourself before and after the procedure and follow the advice of your surgeon with respect to what activities you should (and should not) be doing during your recovery.

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BBL Recovery FAQs

How long will it take to recover after the BBL is performed?

Recovery time is about four weeks, with most patients being cleared to go back to work within 1-2 weeks after surgery.

How long before I can sit after the BBL procedure?

A typical patient is advised to avoid sitting for the first 3-4 weeks after surgery, and only when necessary through the 4th week. Placing too much pressure on the graft can cause you to lose volume because the cells will die more rapidly.

BBL Recovery Tips

  • It is highly recommended, even required to have someone accommodate you for the first twenty-four hours post-surgery.
  • Ideally, you will have a caretaker with you for the first week, as you will likely be taking prescription pain medications and unable to drive.
  • Try to completely avoid sitting or laying on the fat graft site for the first three weeks after the surgery, and only when necessary through the fourth week. When you have to sit, use a Boppy pillow to help reduce the pressure on the site.

10 Ways To Maximize BBL Results

  1. Wearing the right garments
  2. Feed the fat
  3. Creative sleeping
  4. No driving
  5. Sit on your thighs
  6. No smoking
  7. Exercise starting around week 8
  8. PRP/Stem Cells
  9. Stay Hydrated
  10. Keep a stable weight

Read more about how to maximize BBL results.

Is The Surgery Safe?

The BBL is the safest way to cosmetically alter the shape of your butt because you are using your own fat to do so, as opposed to introducing foreign materials into the body to get the look you want.

Does it cause scarring?

A Brazilian butt-lift has very very minimal scars. Essentially, scarring only takes place at the entry points from where we insert the fat cells. A typical Brazilian butt-lift scar is smaller than a staple punch.

BBL recovery pain tolerance?

A Brazilian butt-lift has its share of post-operative pain just like any other surgery.

Soreness is probably the most common feeling people have. Patients describe this pain as a muscular soreness in the buttocks where they’ll feel the most discomfort when sitting.

However, just like any other surgery, we do offer pain pills and certain types of comfort measures to make the pain as easy as possible.

What are the risks?

Although it’s considered the safest way to alter the shape of your butt cosmetically, there are still some risks involved because it is an invasive surgery that requires anesthesia. There is a small risk of infection, hematoma, and seroma formation, but these risks are greatly reduced as you follow the thorough post-op instructions provided.

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Brazilian Butt Lift Pillow

The Brazilian Butt Lift pillow is a post-operative product designed to relieve pressure from the buttock and move/apply pressure to the thighs. Dr. Mark Youssef will provide this product if a patient does not have one.

After a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery, patients will be provided with the following:

Brazilian Buttocks Exercises

It is recommended to not engage in any sort of exercise immediately after the surgery as it can harm the new fat. Many patients often ask us the following BBL exercise questions.

  • What is the best BBL workout?
  • Are there any special squatting techniques?
  • Is there a way to massage after my surgery?
  • What is the best way to diet after a BBL?

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